The Gift of Memories

On Friday I shared about some memories and how they helped turn tears into laughter. I love that about memories. They can warm the heart, even when it is feeling sad. Can help you smile through the tears. Memories are a cherished gift.

In sharing some of the memories on Friday it took my mind back to years ago. Back when I was 20 and living in my first apartment with my dear friend Sherry! We really hadn’t known each other long before we rented the apartment together. It just made sense to us, for there are some people that you just click right away with and you know. That is how we were. I still remember our excitement after signing the lease. We were taking a step forward to independence and it felt so good!

That first night we had boxes all around our living room, but it was OK, for this was our place. Our little home. That living room/family room, whatever you want to call it, became the center of everything. Many Monopoly games were played in that room and the board may have been tossed a time or 2 as money went flying. It was the center of ice/water/shaving cream battles. Where we watched movies and got caught up in some regular daytime shows. Yes, ladies, you probably know what I mean. It was just 1 that we watched regularly.

The kitchen was a place of sharing good food and laughter with each other and friends. We will not go into the culinary skills that we had. Also won’t mention that Sherry was sly as she liked to hide all the cookies,etc. in the high cupboards.

Then there was the time she just happened to be locked out of the house. What was she to do, for she left her key in the house. As I was smiling big thinking of what I could bargain with her for in order for me to let her in, she had other ideas.Β  The next thing I knew she was climbing in the window! Yes, that was something I had overlooked. Should have locked them.

Oh if the walls could speak, so many late night conversations, solving the mysteries of life or just seeing how goofy your mind really does get at 3am!

Friendship is a wonderful treasure! So thankful for the strong, long friendship that we have shared and continue to share.

Thankful for all the friendships that have impacted my life. The memories made and the ones to still be made.

Friendship is love and couldn’t make it through life’s up, down, curvy road without it!


14 thoughts on “The Gift of Memories

  1. Oh those were such carefree and fun days. Carolyn may be short and unskilled in the kitchen, but that is what made things even more fun. And on a side note she took care of my pet mice in my car that I was scared of. Love you to pieces girl.

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    • Glad that I could entertain you my dear. Of course you doing your little “scared of mice” dance was entertaining as well. πŸ™‚ Funny that the mice were always in your car, not mine.
      Yes, so many memories, I didn’t even mention the countless Rummy games.
      Love you tons and it’s good the feeling is mutual, for you are stuck with me! πŸ™‚ And we are taking that cruise to a Tropical Island someday! πŸ™‚

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  2. Have to laugh!! How many other friends have you made climb through windows? I think I have met Sherry a time or two, but now I know we have something in common! πŸ™‚

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    • Cracking up, I had forgotten about that. At first I was like, what is she talking about. πŸ™‚
      Yup, you both have something in common now, not to mention the fact that you both are such precious, wonderful friends! <3! Who else would put up with climbing through windows! But hey I was just adding fun and adventure to your lives!


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