A Symbol of Hope


This may be my favorite Easter picture!Β  18 years ago my dear daughter was born exactly a week before Easter. This is my handsome husband, a proud new Daddy, holding our 1 week old daughter on Easter Sunday.

New life did spring forth. Hope was born.

Easter is a symbol of hope. The darkness can be overcome! Light is more powerful and will shine forth!


21 thoughts on “A Symbol of Hope

  1. We should never lose hope in our hearts. What blessings from God! Congratulations to you and the whole family. Happy Easter and Peace and light in your lives.
    I am sorry for my english.:)

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  2. Aw, a great memory. I love how new Dads look at their babies or while holding them, there is always a look there you can just tell how unequivocally this little baby they have barely known means to them. They look peaceful and absolutely in love.

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