The Mysterious Package

It is a lovely Spring Day! The sunshine puts a smile on my face. When I thought of sunshine, I thought of the beach, and the beach made me think of Hawaii-a place that  I hope to visit sometime. Thinking of Hawaii made me think of Jinx and Jangle, for if you recall they were enjoying the sunshine of Hawaii in our last story. Having them on my mind gave me an idea for today’s post. See how my mind works.  🙂 So sit back and enjoy another tale. Hopefully Jinx won’t come close to falling in a waterfall again, but you never know with these 2!!

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The Mysterious Package

A warm breeze was blowing, it was a beautiful Spring Day. The sunshine was smiling in the clear blue sky.  Unfortunately Jinx wasn’t feeling the best. His thumb was throbbing. He decided that he would never pick up a hammer again. He was trying to fix a floorboard in their house. Didn’t look like it would be that difficult, just a couple whacks with the hammer was all that was needed. Unfortunately his thumb got one hard whack and it was a nice , shiny purple color right now.

Jangle wasn’t feeling the best either. He was beginning to feel restless. Missing the North Pole.

Jangle went into town to try to get some things to help make Jinx feel better.  He was debating what to get, when he spied it. That would be perfect for him. Jangle couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he paid for it and put it in his bag.

Jangle entered the door, calling out. “I am home, how are you feeling?” He walked into the living room where he had left Jinx on the couch. Jinx was smiling, ” I am feeling better now. It is not throbbing as much , the ice pack helped. ” Jinx reached down in his bag to  pull out something. ” I found a little something to try to bring a smile to your face.” Jinx smiled bigger, ” That was very thoughtful of you.” Jangle tried to hold back his laughter as he handed Jinx a large rubber hammer. ” I figured that would come in handy if you wanted to help me repair the roof soon.” Jinx looked at Jangle not saying a word, just twisting his head a little as he pierced him one of his perfected deep stares. Jangle walked away laughing.

Jangle came out a bit later with some tea for Jinx.  “So what are we going to do Jinx. how long are we going to stay in Hawaii?” Jinx was thinking as he drank his tea. ” I am not sure. Our assignment here is supposed to last only until the Fall, then I guess it is up to where Santa Clause is going to send us.” Jangle set his  cup of tea down and asked, ” Do you ever miss the North Pole?” “Yes, I do, I miss the reindeer, and the fun we had driving the sleds!” They both sat in silence for awhile lost in thought.

“Ding Dong!” “Were you expecting anyone Jinx?” “No, were you?” Jangle shook his head as he went to open the door. Their mailman was there smiling, he always was a cheery guy. ” I have a special delivery today  for you guys!”

Jinx and Jangle couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the mailman set down a very large, oddly shaped box in the middle of their living room.  What could that be, they thought! Joey the mailman said how he would love to stay and watch them open it, but he had to keep moving. They thanked him as he left, and promised that they would show him whatever the package was when he came back.

Jinx and jangle stared at the box. Was this a clue as to what their next assignment would be? They saw that the package was from the North Pole.  “Well open it Jangle!” Jangle started the process of opening it, it had been sealed up very well! They couldn’t believe their eyes as what was inside the box started to be revealed. If their guess was right, this was a very good clue as to where they would be headed come Fall.

Their spirits had been lifted and they were both feeling happy.  It wasn’t just the sun that was smiling anymore. In fact they thought they may go visit a waterfall again, but yes they would be more careful this time. Jinx had already hurt his thumb, didn’t need anymore mishaps. They were feeling confident as they headed out the door to flag down a taxi.

Confidence is a good thing to have. Then again with these 2, that confident feeling can be misleading. You just never know!





5 thoughts on “The Mysterious Package

  1. I love the nature; The season of flowers, spring, sun, beach, I think all the greater perfection of God the Creator. Congratulations, my friend, for the beautiful text. Peace and light.

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