Friday’s 7 word stories

Relentless pursuit = an amazing, beautiful. priceless prize!

Humor amidst sorrow; enjoying roses amidst thorns.

Remembering the tractor, turned tears into laughter!

Sometimes “very soon” isn’t soon at all!

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t usually share the stories behind my “stories”, but wanted to at least share about the 1st one today. Yesterday as I shared in my post, my husband and I went to a funeral of a dear friend. Yes, there were lots of tears, but as these “stories” show there was humor as well. Pat had a crazy, wonderful sense of humor, it was impossible to honor his life without remembering the humor.

One of the memories shared was about how Pat relentlessly pursued his wife-to-be. I was there during the pursuit. See, she was my friend first, and we talked into the night many times about this crazy guy who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. He weaved his charm, and as my “story” says, received the best prize of all!


73 thoughts on “Friday’s 7 word stories

  1. More like a hammer and chisel were needed for her brownies. Praying she got better with age at making brownies that don’t require soaking in milk first to take a bite.

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    • I was going to wait to reply until after I finished my blog post, but being that someone else has replied I will defend myself!

      Just because you could turn the pan upside down and not have them fall out doesn’t mean that you needed a chisel! AND brownies came out of the oven not that long ago that are very soft and yummy!!
      Apparently it must have been the fault of my “teacher” many years ago, as to why my brownies were hard. 🙂 BUT really I got the best end of the deal. You didn’t trust me to make anymore meals, soooo guess who did the cooking? 🙂 🙂 I was smart, eh?

      And Colin as far as you believing that I made “concrete” brownies…. exactly how many meals of mine have you tasted? :p!

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      • Hey Becky check out the comments above you where Colin and Brad are actually going back and forth about the meaning of an = sign!
        Yeah, I think me putting that = sign in my story was a good thing, got them off my back .:) Was a well executed thought out plan, eh!


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