Dewey and Jaxon Follow Their Hearts

Yes, I am re-posting a Dewey Story that I posted back in November. If you just started following my blog since November, then this will be a new post for you. To my older readers, I apologize, but I do have a reason. Don’t skip over this story, for there is something added to the end that you will want to read.

As with most Dewey stories,  there is a story behind this story. Unlike most Dewey stories, this one was sad. My dear friend for over 20 years had recently found out that her husband had cancer. They were close friends of ours and the news was devastating. At times like these you aren’t always sure of what to say. My heart was full and Dewey took over the pen as  Dewey and Jaxon worked some magic. Magic, that ended up taking  on a life of its own.

Dewey and Jaxon Follow Their Hearts

Jaxon and Dewey were in the backyard laying in a pile of leaves. They had been jumping, but were taking a break now and Dewey was feeling a stirring in his heart. He turned to Jaxon and told him that he thinks Jaxon  is rubbing off on him. “Why?” asked Jaxon.  “Well.. I have a funny feeling in my heart.. like I need to be somewhere, but I don’t know where. ”

Jaxon closed his eyes and tried to concentrate. All was quiet for a few moments, so still you could have heard a leaf fall to the ground. Suddenly Jaxon opened his eyes and said, “Dewey follow me, there is someone that needs us!” With that he started walking away at a rapid pace. Dewey quickly got up on all 4 paws and took off after Jaxon, calling after him to remind him to slow down! Dewey couldn’t go as fast, he had short legs!

It felt like they had been walking forever. Dewey’s stomach was reminding him that breakfast had been awhile ago! At last he heard Jaxon say the magic words. “Here we are!” Dewey looked, they had stopped right in front of a  house. One they hadn’t been to before. “So what are we supposed to do now?”, asked Dewey. Jaxon shrugged and reminded Dewey that he was the one that had the stirring in his heart to begin with. All Jaxon did was lead them to the  correct place. Jaxon sensed that they were needed, but he didn’t know why.

Dewey felt the stirring stronger now and knew he had to get inside the house somehow. “How exactly?” was the million dollar question. He did not see any cat doors to go through and its not like he could just ring the door bell. Or wait, maybe he could? Well technically he couldn’t, for he was too short to reach the doorbell, but Jaxon could jump up and ring it. Jaxon quickly agreed and it took him 3 jumps but he made it and he pushed long and hard on the doorbell.

They heard footsteps coming. OH NO! What did they do? They were just about ready to turn around and run… this was crazy , they didn’t know these people! Too late the door opened and they ran in quickly before they lost their nerve.

“Hey, why did you let that cat in? You know how Mom doesn’t like cats.” Beth still had a shocked look on her face as she replied that all she did was open the door, because of the doorbell ringing. ” Oh, well who was there? asked her brother. This is where Beth took a deep breath and said, “Ummmm….that cat and some really strange animal that I don’t see now.”

Beth was going to say more , but her Mom entered the living room at that time. Her eyes were puffy and red  from all the tears she had cried the night before. She sat down on the couch not even noticing Dewey at first. Her mind was going in so many directions, she could barely focus. Dewey held his breath.  The couch was so comfy and he was used to being allowed on the man-servant’s couch that he had just made himself at home here. Now hearing how the woman didn’t like cats, he thought that maybe they had made a mistake coming here.

Then it happened;  he started feeling warm inside, as the woman gingerly took her hand and started stroking Dewey. It was very light at first and Dewey held really still. Dewey felt the stirring again and he knew he was exactly  where he needed to be. Gradually the light stroking became a little more harder. He could tell the woman was feeling comfortable with stroking him. Dewey started to purr and he laid his head down in the woman’s lap. With that the woman began to cry again and Dewey thought , “OH NO! What did I do!” , but he soon realized that it was OK. He felt like this was the reason he was supposed to be  here. The woman needed him and she hadn’t even known it. He could feel the tension leave her body as she stroked him with her tears falling on his fur.

Meanwhile Jaxon had tried to fit in with a pile of plush animals in the boy’s room. That was a mistake, for the boy grabbed him like a stuffed toy and squeezed him so hard that Jaxon was sure all his insides were going to fall out! Like Dewey though Jaxon held still…he could sense that something special was at work. The boy’s tears landed on Jaxon and Jaxon’s heart started to melt. Why was everyone in this house so sad?

After Jaxon’s body had grown numb he felt the boy’s grip on him loosen and he could hear the boy taking deep breaths. The boy had fallen asleep. Jaxon slipped out from underneath his arm and stared at him for awhile. He felt bad for the boy and there was a part of him that hated to leave. He stroked the boy’s hair and put a peaceful sleep spell on him. Then he went out to check on Dewey.

“Wow!” Jaxon couldn’t believe it! He thought this lady didn’t like cats! Dewey was curled up on her lap and she had her hand resting on top of Dewey. Her eyes were closed as her head laid against the back of the couch. She was asleep as well.

Dewey saw Jaxon and he slowly got off the woman’s lap so as not to disturb  her. Jaxon’s eyes met Dewey’s and there was no need for words.  Fortunately the door never had been closed the whole way, so they were able to leave the house quietly.

Dewey was silent until they had walked further away from the house. ” Oh Jaxon! I am so glad that we came. I don’t know what was wrong, but they needed us, didn’t they?”

Jaxon totally agreed. He would have said more, but he couldn’t get past the lump in his throat. Humans were strange creatures. They could really confuse you, but at other times there was something so very sweet and vulnerable about them.  You felt like you needed to protect them. They could weave their way into your heart if you weren’t careful!

Once home Dewey and Jaxon felt exhausted, their bowls were full, but they really were not that hungry. Dewey’s heart was full and it must have spread to his stomach.

Dewey loved the adventures he had with his friends, a lot of them were crazy and fun! What with a  magical Jackalope, and a  crazy Owl, plus a Wackerdoodly man-servant, how could they not have fun? Wackerdoodly was a word straight from the man-servant’s mouth. Dewey wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but from the sound of it, he would say it was perfect for the man-servant.

Today’s adventure had been different, but Dewey wouldn’t trade it for anything. He had brought a smile to a wounded heart. The man-servant was always telling them how important it was to be there for others. To help share a smile with someone who needs it. Today Dewey understood.

After writing this story my husband and I visited  our friends.  I was struck with the idea to take “Dewey” as a gift.  I found a very unique stuffed cat. It had to be unique, right, for Dewey is a special cat.  It was an emotional visit but Dewey  brought laughter.  I remember riding home and getting a text from Sherry. She had taken a picture of Pat holding Dewey with a big smile on his face. She wrote in the text how Dewey had been catnapped from her, that Pat was claiming him as his own. 

From then on out, Dewey was mentioned often. He would go in the hospital with Pat and the nurses would get  a kick out of him.

I couldn’t let Dewey be at the house alone. He missed his friends, so he  was later joined by an extremely plush Jaxon. His insides probably did feel like they were falling out when squeezing him for he was so squeezable. Of course you couldn’t forget  Odessa, she would have been  sure to have something to say about that. I do remember at least one occasion where Odessa flew through the air to dive bomb at their teenage son. He has a clever wit like his Dad. One time that we were visiting Odessa suddenly  flew out of my hands at him in response to one of his comments. You know how she has a mind of her own!

Last Monday night was the last visit we had with Pat. His body had declined rapidly and he wasn’t able to talk, but Dewey was beside him. I stroked Dewey as I laid him against Pat’s shoulder. Sherry had told us how a little boy came to visit with his Mom and he was asking if he could take Dewey home. Sherry said , “No, Dewey belongs to Mr. Pat.”

I had bought Dewey not the impact he would have. I thought it would bring a much needed smile for the night. I didn’t realize how the smiles would continue. Some things you just never know!

“Real isn’t how you are made”, said the Skin Horse. It’s a thing that happens to you. When someone loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with but really LOVES you, then you become REAL.” ( The Velveteen Rabbit)

12 thoughts on “Dewey and Jaxon Follow Their Hearts

  1. As anybody who knows me will confirm, it is a very rare occasion when I have little to say… but this is one of those occasions. Just a little thought and a stuffed toy, and perhaps a miracle happened. Rest in peace Pat. Sherrie, remember the many good times you all had together. He would have surely wanted to be remembered in that way, rather than in sadness.

    Liked by 1 person

      • You are very welcome Sherry, and please accept my heartfelt condolences on your loss. I can probably entertain Pat quite easily at Carolyn’s expense. Let me work on that idea! All the very best to you and your family. Take care.


        • “can probably entertain”…..
          I know you are wearing your smug grin with a mischievous glint in your eye, as your mind is plotting!
          Let us just remember one thing before your mind gets too excited. Plotting is just the first step, the “entertainment” (your words) has to actually work! Just saying….. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

      • OH Sherry, my dear friend!
        It is so good that I do love you 🙂 You do realize how happy you made Colin with your last sentence, right? You know very well that he has never needed a reason to give me a hard time! BUT now that you gave him a reason, well that just….. Yeah, I am having trouble coming up with the right words to “thank” You!!

        Liked by 1 person

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