The Farm Dilemma: Part 9-Florence!

Good Morning! It is FRIDAY! The week-end is almost here! Yay! And what better way to start a Friday off then with our favorite gang! I think Florence is becoming drawn to their irresistible charm, what do you think? Enjoy!


The following afternoon, the Man-Servant and Jaxon were in the yard when Florence’s car slowly came in through the open gate and stopped near them. Florence was just getting out as the Man-Servant and Jaxon reached the car. “How are you guys doing?” she said with a big smile. “We’re doing fine thank you very much” said the Man-Servant. “Can I make you a tea?” Florence just nodded, and said “That would be lovely. Thank you Joshua.”

The three of them went into the house and, once again, Florence and the Man-Servant sat at the table, while Jaxon sat on the floor between them. Dewey wandered into the kitchen. “Any food around here Man-Servant?” he asked while stretching out to his full length. The Man-Servant smiled and said “No Dewey. This is not your meal time. You can’t just eat all day!” Dewey looked up at him “Why not?” he said. “Because you will just gain weight and that is not good for you!” “But…” said Dewey “isn’t that my concern rather than yours?” “No it’s not” said the Man-Servant “If you get sick, I am the one who has to pay your vet bills!”

Florence had been listening although, of course, she only understood what the Man-Servant was saying. “That sounded like quite the dialogue! She said “Can I ask what Dewey was saying?” “Oh” said the Man-Servant “Dewey and I have this same conversation many times every day. He thinks his life must consist only of sleeping and eating. Even when we are on our adventures, his main thoughts are still sleeping and eating. He’s a typical cat!”

“What sort of adventures do you guys go on?” she asked. “That’s a difficult question to answer” said the Man-Servant. “Most of them develop from an impulsive decision to go somewhere, or to do something. Earlier this summer, we managed to get a ride in a hot-air balloon. That was a very interesting experience!”

Florence suddenly looked around. “Where’s Odessa?” She said. “I’ve just realized that she is not here.” The Man-Servant looked at Jaxon. “Do you think that Odessa would like some visitors Jaxon?” Jaxon just smiled and headed for the door. The Man-Servant turned to Florence. “Come on!” He said. “Follow me and Jaxon!”  Dewey decided to stay and sleep, but Florence, the Man-Servant and Jaxon all went over to the barn however, when they reached Odessa’s roof beam… it was empty!

The Man-Servant was puzzled. “This is very odd” he said “Odessa usually spends her time in here during the day… unless she has something really important to do. This is very odd indeed!”  They made their way back to the farm house, and what a surprise they had! Just inside the door way was Odessa, who immediately turned to Florence and said “I’d like you to meet my friend Florence, and her girl Hermione!” Florence looked at Odessa, and at the other two owls, and then turned to the Man-Servant. “Was Odessa talking to me? Who are these other owls?” The Man-Servant grinned. “Yes!” He said. “Odessa was introducing you to two of her friends so … Florence, meet Hermione; Florence, meet Florence!”

Florence had a big smile. “That is so sweet of you Odessa to bring your friends to meet me. I feel really special, although I think having two Florences around here could get confusing!” Turning to the Man-Servant, she said. “Odessa would have understood me right?” Oh yes!” said the Man-Servant. “I can guarantee it. She understands everything!”


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