Dewey Interrupts

Good Morning all! The sun is streaming through the windows and I am enjoying my day off work. I know that you may be wondering why Part 8 of the The Farm Dilemma hasn’t been posted yet. Don’t worry it is coming! Who knows what surprises Part 8 may have. 🙂

In the meantime, Dewey wanted to make up  for only saying “Meow” in yesterday’s post, Part 7. He felt like he should have a chance to say some more. So I kindly decided to let him have a little time in the spotlight. You know cats, they usually make sure that they get their way. 🙂







4.52709b0346a2b23ad23c4ac39767fa0b or as Dewey would also  say, “no match for the powers of my  wit”, pulled one over on you this time. 🙂


5.867ebb2896cca5688c1d7d44d20d34cb Yes, Dewey may find himself in a little trouble at times.



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