The Farm Dilemma: Part 7-Could it get any worse?

Good Morning! Yes, you will find out today more about what happened on Florence’s visit, but I have to share 2 quotes first. After all, it is Tuesday, quote day. 🙂 The first quote may even go with the story some.

6b5968a59d12c9e2d0ffc1b246491a62 Not sure what Florence thinks of the man-servant yet. 🙂

97ec85312be5810ddc03cd611e3bfe08 Thanks again to the dear friends who have walked with me and my family through the dark! It means so very much and it really is what true friendship is all about! <3!


The Farm Dilemma: Part 7- Could it get any worse?

The Man-Servant ran back to the kitchen, and saw Florence seated at the table once again. She smiled as he came in. “I had lovely look around upstairs” she said. “It brought back so many memories. I hope you don’t mind but I went into what used to be my grandparents bedroom, and it is clearly your bedroom now. The Man-Servant smiled. “No. Not a problem” he said “We wanted the farm to look its best for you so everything was cleaned and made tidy!” Florence looked at him rather curiously. “You said ‘we’ again.”  “Well yes” said the Man-Servant. “Dewey the cat has been my companion for quite some time now, so I automatically include him in these kinds of discussions. It’s just a habit!”

Florence was looking at the Man-Servant as if she had something on her mind. “Joshua” she said “Can I ask a rather odd question?” The Man-Servant looked puzzled. “Ask away” he said. Florence seemed to be deep in thought when suddenly she said. “Remember the stuffed owl that you had on the top of the cabinet? There is now a rabbit-like creature with horns up there, and there are no signs of the owl… unless you turn around and look at the doorway. He is standing there seemingly watching us!”

The Man-Servant looked up at the cabinet, and saw Jaxon. He turned around and there was Odessa, motionless, in the doorway. He then turned back to Florence. “There are things here at Moonbeam Farm which may be difficult for you to understand but, if you are in no hurry to leave, then I would like to try and explain!” Florence just smiled at him. “I am in no hurry Joshua, but perhaps you could make another pot of tea first?”

The Man-Servant made the tea and then sat down at the table with Florence. He then called out “Dewey! Jaxon! Odessa! Come here please!” Florence’s mouth just dropped open as Odessa flew in and landed on the floor next to the Man-Servant. It dropped even more when Jaxon jumped off the cabinet and joined Odessa on the floor. Soon, Dewey joined them and all three looked up to the Man-Servant!

Florence just stared at all three of them on the floor. She then looked at the Man-Servant; back to the trio on the floor, and then back to the Man-Servant. “This is so amazing” she said “Should you perhaps be introducing them to me?” The Man-Servant grinned and said “Yes of course Florence. You have already met Dewey. Next to Dewey is Jaxon, and the owl is Odessa.” “Oh dear” said Florence “Odessa! I offer my apologies because I called you ‘he’ earlier on.” Odessa turned to face her. “At last! A human with manners! Sadly ignorant about owls… but with manners all the same!”

Florence looked at the Man-Servant. “It was almost as if she replied to me?” “She did” said the Man-Servant. “She didn’t think much to your knowledge of owls, but really appreciated the fact that you apologized!” Florence gave a kind of half-smile “Okay…  and Jaxon? Who, or what are you may I ask?”

Jaxon hopped a little closer to her. “I’m a Jackalope!” he proudly announced. She looked at the Man-Servant to interpret. “I think that he is excited to meet you, and just said that he was a Jackalope!” Odessa suddenly jumped up and down while flapping her wings. “No! No! No! Man-Servant… will you ever learn? Jaxon IS a Jackalope! To say he WAS a Jackalope is rather ominous and totally not true. Get it right please, if not for me, at least for this lady!”

Florence looked a little surprised and again turned to the Man-Servant who explained. “She was upset at my misuse of the English Language!” Florence didn’t know what to say. Given that both Odessa and Jaxon had turned and addressed her directly, she was ready to believe what the Man-Servant had said. She then looked at Dewey. “Do you understand me as well?” she asked. Dewey stretched out full length on the floor and said “Meow!”


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