The Farm Dilemma: Part 6-What could possibly go wrong?

Good Morning! So is Florence impressed with Moonbeam Farm, do Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon behave themselves ? Does Florence get to meet them all? Does the man-servant get all flustered by trying to make a good  impression on Florence? So many questions, will Colin’s story answer any of them? Read on and see :). Here is a link to Part 5 if you missed it. The Farm Dilemma: Part 5- Odessa’s Excitement! May you have an exciting start to your week! This story will help you start it with a smile, guaranteed!


The Farm Dilemma: Part 6-What could possibly go wrong?

The Man-Servant quickly went outside; walked over to the car which had now stopped, and opened the car door for Florence. “Thank you so much Joshua. It is nice to know that chivalry is still alive here!” The Man-Servant was a little uncomfortable, as he really wanted this visit to be a happy one.  “Perhaps we could go into the farm house and have cup of tea before I take you on a tour?” he said. Florence gave him a big smile. “That would be lovely. Thank you!”

They both walked over to the doorway where Dewey was still sleeping. As Florence stepped over him, he woke up. He just looked up at the Man-Servant “What’s happening Man-Servant? Who is this, and where’s my food?” The Man-Servant replied “Dewey this is Florence, and you will have to wait for your food!” Florence just stopped and looked at the Man-Servant “That is amazing!” she said. “It was as if you two actually understood each other.” Dewey said “Meow!”

As they went into the kitchen, the Man-Servant was wondering where Odessa had gone as she had no time to fly out through the doorway. He offered a chair to Florence, and she sat at the table and just looked around while the Man-Servant made the tea. “I always loved this kitchen.” She said “I can almost smell my grandma’s baking! It really has not changed too much. I love the stuffed owl on top of the cabinet over there!” she said pointing. The Man-Servant quickly looked at where she was pointing and, sure enough, it was Odessa. She was as motionless as she could possibly be. Even her eyes didn’t blink! “Oh yes” said the Man-Servant as they both drank their tea. That owl has quite a story behind her, but I’ll save that for another time!

Would you like to look around the rest of the house now? You can bring your tea with you.” Florence smiled and said “Yes. I really would love to. I want to go upstairs and see the room that I used to sleep in!”

Just as they were going up the stairs, there was a whoosh… whoosh sound from the kitchen area. Florence stopped and turned to the Man-Servant “What was that?” she asked. “I didn’t hear anything” said the Man-Servant. “It sounded like an odd kind of wind noise” she said.  “Oh you probably just heard a gust of wind coming through the kitchen window” he suggested.

He really wanted to see what Odessa was doing, so he excused himself. “I just have to go back downstairs for a moment, but feel free to look around. There are no secrets up here, and I’ll be back in a few minutes!” The Man-Servant quickly went down stairs and over to the barn where he found Odessa sitting on her roof beam. “Odessa!” he called up to her “What are you doing?” Odessa looked down at him. “What does it look like I am doing?” she said. “Perhaps you should re-think your question?”

The Man-Servant just looked at her. “Odessa! I need you to go back into the kitchen and become a stuffed owl again. If she comes back downstairs and notices that you have gone, then I have no reasonable explanation. Stuffed owls don’t generally get up and move around! Do you understand?” Odessa said that she understood perfectly well however, there was a bit of a problem. The Man-Servant didn’t want to ask, but knew he had to.

 “Okay Odessa” he said. “What is the problem.” “Well” said Odessa “If my hearing is as good as I know that it is, the lady Florence is already in the kitchen!”


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