The Farm Dilemma: Part 5- Odessa’s Excitement!

Good Morning! Will our friends get any closer to a solution today? What has Odessa, the outspoken owl, who you can’t help but love,  all excited? Wishing you all a restful Sunday as you enjoy Part 5 to Colin’s creative, continuing story!

Part 5 – Odessa’s Excitement!

They had all helped the Man-Servant tidy up the farm house, the yard, and even the barn. It was getting close to 7:00pm and both Odessa and Dewey were rather curious to meet this lady. Odessa was perched on the top of the barn roof so she could see anybody approaching. Jaxon was outside in the yard, but it had been agreed that he would hide as soon as Florence arrived. Dewey was curled up just outside the front door so he wouldn’t miss anything, and the Man-Servant was sitting at the table in the kitchen. He was wondering how he would introduce the other three! Would he even need to introduce them?

Odessa suddenly flew down from the barn roof; through the front door, and landed on the kitchen table facing the Man-servant. “What’s up Odessa?” said the Man-Servant. “Is she coming?” “I don’t know” said Odessa “but I have a question! How are you going to explain us living here?” The Man-Servant just looked at her “Why do I need to? I have a cat in the house and an owl in the barn!” Odessa looked at him “Right!” she said, and then flew back out to the top of the barn roof.

A few minutes later she was once more on the kitchen table. The Man-Servant just looked at her “What’s up now Odessa? Is Florence coming?” Odessa didn’t move. “No she is not, but how are you going to explain how we can talk to each other?” The Man-Servant leaned back in his chair. “Well Odessa” he started. “If you don’t talk to me, then I won’t have to!” Odessa looked relieved. “Oh… right!” she said, and then flew back out to the top of the barn roof.

The Man-Servant got up from the table, as he thought that he should perhaps be outside when Florence arrived, but was interrupted by Odessa coming through the doorway again. “What’s up Odessa? Another question perhaps?” Odessa replied “Yes! How did you know? Don’t answer that! What are you going to do if one of us, such as Dewey, forgets and talks to you?” The Man-Servant laughed “Well I simply will not respond. Why are you so excited about this visit Odessa?”

Odessa explained that she was excited because, from her perspective, the farm needed another female touch to be complete, and she thought that this was an important meeting for the Man-Servant. The Man-Servant smiled as he looked at Odessa “That is so sweet of you. Thank you Odessa for thinking about both me and the farm.” Odessa blinked her big eyes at him “Of course I also hope that her communication skills are better than yours. Perhaps you will learn from her!” The Man-Servant had to smile at Odessa. “Get back up onto the barn roof Odessa, and let me know when you see her coming.”

At that moment Jaxon came rushing across the yard; jumped over Dewey who was sound asleep in the doorway, and ran up to the Man-Servant. “She’s here!” he said breathlessly. “A car has just turned in to our yard!”


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