The Farm Dilemma: Part 4 – The Visitor

Good Morning! The suspense builds! How will things turn out?  If you missed the beginning of this adventure here is a link to Part 1. The Farm Dilemma: Part 1- The Bad News Enjoy and have a wonderful week-end!

The Farm Dilemma: Part 4 – The Visitor

After chatting for a few minutes, Florence had to leave as she had a business appointment. “It was lovely meeting you Joshua.” She said. “Is there any possible chance that I could visit Moonbeam Farm? I would so love to see it again!” “Of course” said Joshua “I love the old place and so have not made any changes to it. Just done whatever was necessary to keep it in good condition.”

Florence thought for a moment. “Could I possibly drop by later today… say around 7:00pm?” The Man-Servant nodded his agreement “Yes… that would be fine. We shall look forward to seeing you at 7:00pm” Florence looked puzzled “You said ‘we’?” “Well… yes.” said the Man-Servant. “I live there with Dewey and Odessa!”  He then flinched as Jaxon, who had been listening to the whole dialogue from the Man-Servant’s jacket pocket, kicked him in his ribs, but Florence did not notice!

The Man-Servant immediately went back to the farm so that he could let the others know that they were going to have a visitor. Dewey and Odessa were really puzzled as to why the Man-Servant would call a meeting in the middle of the afternoon. It was, not surprisingly, Odessa who spoke first. “Okay Man-Servant” she said “You’ve done it again haven’t you! How long does it take you to understand that I prefer to be nocturnal? I sleep in the afternoon. Get it?”

The Man-Servant grinned at Odessa. “It’s always a pleasure to have you here Odessa! Anyway, I have something important to tell you all. Today, Jaxon and I met a young lady who used to visit Moonbeam Farm because it was her grandparents who used to live here.” Odessa looked immediately perturbed. “She met Jaxon? How could you possibly explain him?”  she said.  “Well I didn’t have to.” said the Man-Servant “because Jaxon stayed in my jacket pocket” Odessa just stared at the Man-Servant. “Here we go again!” she said. “First you say that you and Jaxon met a young lady, and then you say that he was in your pocket. So which is it?”

“Okay” said the Man-Servant. “I stand corrected. Jaxon was with me, but he did not actually meet Florence.” Odessa was now excited. “Florence? You saw Florence? Was Hermione with her?” The Man-Servant responded “No Odessa! We did not meet Florence but… well… yes… we did meet Florence, but just not your Florence!”  Odessa looked at both Dewey and Jaxon. “Do either of you know what he is babbling on about because I cannot make any sense out of it?”

Jaxon decided to try and explain. “The Man-Servant met a nice lady whose name was Florence.” Odessa looked at him. “So what’s her name now?” Jaxon looked puzzled. “What do you mean?” “Well” said Odessa “If her name WAS Florence, then the implication is that it is something else now! I think that you spend far too much time with the Man-Servant. You’re starting to talk like him. What you probably meant to say was ‘Her name IS Florence’…. Right?” Jaxon rolled his eyes in despair. “Whatever you say Odessa!”

The Man-Servant started talking once again. “Florence is coming to see the farm later this evening, and so I would really like you all to be on your best behavior! She seems to be a really nice lady, and simply wants to connect with her past. She has a lot of good memories of Moonbeam Farm, and I really want her to leave with some more good memories.”

Odessa, Jaxon and Dewey looked at each other, and then turned to face the Man-Servant with big smiles on their faces!

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