Increasing Curiosity! (Part 3)

Elyssa couldn’t turn off her mind. The unanswered questions kept coming, increasing her curiosity. Whoever was leaving her written messages and texts counting down the days, was not doing a very good job at giving her any clues! No clues as to what could possibly be coming her way. Coming her way  in what was now 7 days.

At least she was going away tonight. Work was having a big party. Her boss liked to throw appreciation parties for all his staff 2x a year. They were always big affairs  with a wonderful array of food. Everyone enjoyed the food and drink and  dancing  the night away.

She decided to play the piano until it was time to get ready. That would get her mind off her perplexing questions. The piano soothed her as her fingers flew over the keys and she didn’t have to worry about others hearing her mistakes. Only Taffy, her sweet Labrador was around to hear her and right now she was snoozing.

Elyssa felt the excitement stir in her as she drove to the party. This night would be good for her. She really needed to get out more often.

The night was going just as she had imagined it would. Enjoying dancing and laughing with her friends. Valerie still seemed to wear a sly smile on her face, made Elyssa wonder what she may know, if anything, about the apparent 7 days that Elyssa has left until…. Nope, Elyssa wasn’t going there tonight. She shook herself out of her daze as she walked to the buffet table.

“Elyssa, Elyssa!” She turned to see who was calling her name. It was Rob, a close friend of hers. “You looked like you were in a daze there for a bit, everything Okay?” ” Yes, I am fine Rob, what is up?” Rob took a sip of his drink as he smiled and said, “Only 7 days left!”, Elyssa’s mind began to whirl. Was she going to find out tonight? Was Rob behind this whole thing and he decided to mercifully lift her suspense? She perked her ears up to get ready to hear what he had to say.

“Yes, only 7 days until I see the swaying of the Palm Trees and I ride the waves with my jet ski.7 days of living in a tropical paradise! What could possibly be better?” Elyssa smiled in agreement with him, though she was biting her tongue. She wanted to blurt out that having her questions answered could be better, but what if he really didn’t know anything?

“So would you like to dance the last dance of the night with me?” Elyssa took his hand as he led her out onto the dance floor. She may as well dance, for just standing alone thinking wasn’t going to help her curious mind any.

As she walked out to the car later that night her feet were sore. Wearing those heels probably wasn’t her most brilliant idea, but they had looked so nice! It would feel so good to get them off  when she got home.

What was that stuck in her windshield? When she got closer she saw it was a pink piece of paper folded up. Without even looking she was pretty sure she could guess what it said! So much for her mind being at rest. She unfolded it and read. “7 days left until some of your questions are answered. When you get an answer, you may still wonder why.”

OH how someone sure did enjoy playing with her mind! Why would she wonder why after finding out what was going on? Shaking her head she saw Valerie 2 cars over from her. Before she could think she called out to her. Valerie looked her way and came over to her. “What do you want?” Elyssa looked down at the note again as she contemplated showing it to Valerie. No, she wouldn’t ask her, for questions seemed to get Elyssa only deeper into confusion. Meanwhile Valerie was standing there with a questioning look on her face.

“Would you like to come over this week-end? Maybe we could catch a movie or something.” Valerie smiled and agreed  as Elyssa said goodnight and got in her car to drive home.  She drove into the night looking up at the sky. She gazed upon the full moon shining down from the sky.

Valerie was still standing in the parking lot thinking. She heard someone coming and looked up and saw Rob on his way to his car. A smile came over her face as she called out to him. “Rob, do you have a few minutes? I need to talk to you.”


Tuesday’s Thoughts

I’m writing this late at night,  with thoughts swirling in my brain. I soon hope to be sleeping with good dreams swirling in my head! May these quotes keep good thoughts swirling in your head as you go through your day!

1, 74552e9baec1949e5442cae2bbe5573d We all have had moments of feeling like this lion, right? In fact this feeling could be fresh in my mind right now. Okay onto the quotes, no more needs said. 🙂



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5.great-funny-quotes-0018 Yes, I  posted this before…but it jumped out at me again!



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9. A dear friend texted me a quote from the inside of a  candy wrapper that she had. “If the world is your oyster, what’s an oysters world look like?” 🙂


What Day is it? (Part 2)

Good Morning! At the request of my  wonderful followers I did a Part 2 to yesterday’s post. If you missed it, here is the link. Precious Sleep

The sun’s rays were streaming through the window when Elyssa opened her eyes. One look at the clock told her that she had overslept. The long sleep had felt so good, but now she would have to rush to get to work. No time for banana pancakes this morning. She barely had time to grab a cup of Meadow Tea before rushing out the door. The sweet taste of Meadow Tea was the perfect thing for the first day of Spring.

Made it to work with no time to spare. She was glad no one was in her parking space, or she would have been late. Running into work, she tripped and broke the heel of her shoe. This day was not starting off well. Her boss was standing right inside the door when Elyssa entered. Usually her boss comes to work a little later, but of course on the day that Elyssa is running late,  the boss is already there.

Making it into her office she closes the door and lets out a deep breath.  She stumbles to her desk kicking off her shoes. She looked in her drawer for her spare set of shoes, very glad  that she had thought to keep a pair in there.

As she was setting things up on her desk to start the day she noticed a note. It was a post-it note and was stuck onto her phone. All it said was 3 words, “Nine days left!”

How was she supposed to concentrate on work now?  Was this  mysterious person one of her co-workers? Or was a co-worker just doing a favor for someone else. Joining in the plan to help Elyssa go crazy! Rob would jump at the chance to go along with that plan. She thought she had recognized his  voice on her phone yesterday, but it could have been disguised. Bill did a great job at mimicking the voices of others.

Shannon would be sly enough to devise this whole plan. How was she ever going to figure this all out? She lightly banged her head on her desk.

The door opened and Elyssa quickly sat up. “Is everything Okay Elyssa?” Valerie asked, as she placed a cup of coffee on her desk. “Yes, I am fine, thanks for the coffee. I was just thinking that I could really use a cup.” ” You are welcome my friend.  Have a wonderful day!” Valerie flashed a bright  smile as she breezed out the door.

Elyssa sat there holding her cup of coffee and thinking. Was there something different behind Valerie’s smile? Did she know about the countdown of days? Oh, Elyssa  was overthinking again. She was just going to put it in the back of her mind and focus on work.

Putting her coffee cup down she turned her calendar to today’s date. She let out a little moan as she saw what was written in black ink. “9 days!” Having a thought she tore off the page to see the next date. Sure enough, as she suspected, the words “8 days” was written in bold letters. Smack went her head on her desk! Her coffee cup wobbled a little.

What was someone up to? They obviously didn’t want her to forget the number of days left. As of now she didn’t know how she could possibly forget. How could she forget the date of a day when something would be revealed to her? For a curious person like her there was no chance, especially when she knew so little about what was coming. Maybe on that day a limo would show up at her door and whisk her away to the airport where she would fly on a jet to a sun drenched Tropical Island. Any island would be fine, she wasn’t picky. Yeah, now she was dreaming! She really didn’t expect that, but this is what happens, when her mind is left to wonder!

Her phone beeped, it was her boss. He wondered why she wasn’t at the meeting yet for it was starting! She told him she would be right there. She took one more glance at the calendar that now said 5 days. She may have torn off a few more pages. Perhaps it would make the day come quicker. One never knew. Maybe she could confuse whoever was plotting this scheme. Not likely she knew, but….and she walked out the door with a smile.


Precious Sleep

For my post today I decided that I would do  a story around the first line of the next chapter that I  read in my book. Well I didn’t like that  line, so I decided to do the next chapter. Let’s just say that I began wondering if the idea would work, but at last I was able to find a chapter that did work. Hope you enjoy it, for not sure when I will attempt this again. 🙂

I need to make one more stop before going home, thought Elyssa. Elyssa was so  tired, and wanted nothing more then to lay her weary body down on her feather bed at home. She was on her 3rd cup of coffee, but the caffeine just wasn’t working this time, she was too exhausted. One more stop to make and soon she would be heading to her peaceful home.

Little Aria was sound asleep looking like an angel. Hard to imagine that piercing wails was coming out of her mouth earlier. She sure did have a mighty set of lungs on her, for one so small.  Elyssa loved her niece, but walking the floors at night trying to pacify Aria,  had worn her out. Elyssa was ready to give precious Aria back to her Mom today. She was counting down the hours,  looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep!

Ahh!! She reached the top of the hill and could see her sister’s house in the distance.  When she pulled into the driveway Aria opened her eyes and Elyssa was sure that she saw her smile. Elyssa’s sister was standing outside waiting for them, her sister’s face was all aglow. Refreshed after a mini vacation. and eagerly waiting to hold Aria again.

“Was she good for you?” asked Elyssa’s sister. Elyssa looked down at the cooing baby in her arms. She turned to her sister and said , “She was an angel!”

“Wow! You must have the magic touch, she screams most of the night here at home.”

Elyssa smiled to herself as she bent down to give a gentle kiss on the tender cheek of her niece.

Hugged her sister goodbye and jumped in her car thinking of her comfy bed that was calling her name.

When she made it home she headed straight for her bedroom. Her answering machine light was blinking on her nightstand. She pushed it as she slipped beneath her cozy blankets. “Only 10 days left!” was all that the message said. Elyssa didn’t need to hear anything else. She knew what it meant, and she could hear the laughter in the person’s voice. Oh she was ready for these 10 days to pass and to find out exactly what was coming.  At least she thought she was, another part of her wasn’t so sure. That was the last thought on her mind as she pulled the blankets over her head and let sleep overtake her.


Fun Facts about Pennsylvania

I randomly came across these facts about Pennsylvania, my home state,  and thought they would be fun to share. I was aware of some of them, but not all.

I am very aware of the 1st one as we have lived not very far from Hershey for many years! Can’t count the number of times we have visited Chocolate World, right next to Hershey Park. Yes, you can smell the delicious aroma of chocolate in the small town! 🙂

1. Considered the Chocolate Capital of the United States, Hershey, PA is home to the Hershey Chocolate Factory, where Hershey Kisses were created in 1907.

2. Pennsylvanians love their chips. PA has six regional potato chip companies: Herr’s, Utz, Martin’s, Bon Ton, Bickel’s and Snyder’s of Hanover scattered around the state’s Potato Chip Belt.

3.Peeps are manufactured in Bethlehem at the Just Born Candy factory. Every December 31st, a giant peep is dropped over the city to ring in the New Year.

4.Everyone knows Philadelphia is the proud home of the Liberty Bell. But you probably didn’t know that in 1777 the bell was stashed in the basement of Zion’s Reformed Church of Christ in Allentown to protect it from the British.

5.. Pennsylvania is misspelled on the Liberty Bell—it reads “Pensylvania.” This is because the bell was manufactured before founders agreed on a common spelling for the state’s name.

6. In Historic Bethlehem, The Moravian Book Shop stands as the oldest continuously operating bookshop in the world, founded in 1745.

7. Pittsburgh holds claim to the first ferris wheel, built in 1893.

8.  Benjamin Franklin founded the Philadelphia Zoo in 1874, the first public zoo in the United States. (This would be the zoo that I was lost at on a elementary field trip, but am glad to say that when I went back as an adult my husband made sure not to lose me!:) )

9.There is a place in Pennsylvania called Gravity Hill where gravity seems to have gone haywire. Water runs the wrong way and cars roll “uphill.” Experts believe the phenomenon is just an optical illusion, where the landscape tricks the eye into perceiving an incline where there is actually a decline. (We did visit this place 🙂 )

10. A town in Pennsylvania has been on fire for over 50 years. In 1962, a mine fire started beneath the coal-mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, and it’s been burning ever since. Until recent years, the only visible signs of the underground fire were cracks in the ground where smoke and steam escaped. Even though their town has been burning for 50 years, residents of Centralia refuse to leave. When the state of Pennsylvania became concerned about Centralia’s safety and claimed properties under eminent domain, residents protested. Ultimately, the government allowed them to remain. As of 2013, 7 people still lived there, making Centralia the least populated municipality in Pennsylvania.

11.  Actor Jimmy Stewart was born and raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania. To pay homage to the star, each year at Christmas, the city’s downtown is decorated in the theme of his classic hit, It’s a Wonderful Life.

12. America’s first gas station was opened in Pittsburgh in 1913.

13. The first-ever high school driver’s ed class in the U.S. took place in 1935 in State College, Pennsylvania. While driving courses were common prior to this in the United Kingdom, it took Penn State professor Amos Neyhart to introduce driving instruction to American teens.


What images come to your mind when you think of tenderness? Do you think of a baby’s smooth skin and a Mom’s tender touch?

Do you see the tender love in the eyes of a child as they gaze upon a fuzzy baby chick or a newborn kitten?

What about the love in the eyes of a couple,  whose hair may be gray or white How the flame of love in their eyes still shines as they walk hand in hand. 

A tender touch from a loved one that says, “I love you and I am here.”

Yes, tenderness can be expressed in so many different ways. What sparked this post today? It was the  tender words expressed to me in 2 emails that I received. One came late last night and the other one early this mornimg.It was responses to emails that I had sent. 

The tender responses touched me even more because of the questions I had in my mind. Questions about what kind of responses I would receive. Questions due to the unpleasant subject that I had to talk about.

I learned that I  shouldn’t have been worried. The sweet words in the responses  brought moisture to my eyes. 

Yes, that is no big surprise, it doesn’t take much for me to tear up. I keep hearing how I need to watch the TV series, “This is Us”. I hear how it will make you cry. I guess I need to buy more tissues, for my curiosity has been peaked.

But back to the emails. My heart was moved. Moved by the sincerity and compassion felt in the words I read. Moved by the warmth of feeling like I had received a hug.

Yesterday may have started out wrong, by waking to a bad dream. But it ended so right. There also were  tender texts that  I received in the evening from a dear friend.  Plus 2 stories sent in emails that made me laugh. Then the tender email right before bed, and another one to greet me this morning!

Words can be so powerful. They can evoke such emotion.

Whether it be by words or physical touch, tenderness touches the heart! 




That face was  in my dream again this morning. I am glad that I can wake up and have the intimidating face with the piercing eyes, be gone. The problem is that  the memory of the dream lingers. I need to let it go, to not let it hold power over me. It’s a dream, it’s not real. I have no reason to fear.

The morning is bright,  with the freshly fallen snow glistening on the ground.  The day holds so much promise,  for so many bright moments. Bright moments to push the dark dream away. Moments that are real. Shared laughter with a friend, emails or texts that make you smile, and having a little one wrap their tiny arms around you for a hug.

These are moments that make up our lives. We have moments, like the bad dreams that we can’t control. Moments that may make us unhappy for a bit, but there  is the part we can control. We can control how much much we linger in the dark moment and how much we let the moments of sunshine come in. Let them blot out the darkness with their rays of happiness.

What will your day be filled with? We have a choice each morning at how we will greet the day. I admit this morning, I wanted to pull the covers back over my head. Snuggle in beneath the warm covers and try to erase the images that the dream left in my head.

That isn’t the answer though. Who knows what happiness this day may bring. What little surprises could be around the corner. Yes, life is full of moments. Don’t let the light of the bright  moments be snuffed out. No, let those bright moments shine, snuffing out the darkness!

May your day be a Bright, Beaming, Bette-Than-Average Kind of Day! Go make it that way!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning, from what is becoming a Winter Wonderland! Will it continue as long as they say, time will tell. It is 1am and they are calling for the snow to continue into this evening!!  Why am I up at 1am, good question! Blame the snow! We all know we can sleep in tomorrow due to schools and work being closed. Well I haven’t heard the official word about work yet, but am counting on it. Anyway we were all up late just relaxing and having some good laughs.

So here are some quotes to make you laugh some to make you think. Enjoy your Tuesday! I am planning on enjoying it curled up in a blanket on the couch with a good book, watching the snow fall and reading blog posts of course 😉

Oh, and thanks to Jodi for her suggestion, I was able to provide you all with pictures again!

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  4. aee81850ea67db39e6d7efa17c05ee25Ok, so maybe this is a slight exaggeration 🙂
  5. e28cfab786cc8420943c90d794238c71 LOL! My post about Perplexing Questions came to my mind when I read this! Perplexing Questions
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  7. 42150698e380d69068e46d8a59ff7a381 Had to put this one on today as the snow continues to fall!
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Not complete without a picture of a cute Polar Bear, right? 🙂

Human Bubble Wrap

I have an invention that someone needs to develop! Bubble wrap for clumsy people. I think it could be very profitable!

I was getting over a sore back last week. Apparently I had been doing acrobats in my sleep and didn’t know it. My wonderful chiropractor fixed me up and by Thursday I was feeling a lot better! That feeling was short lived though. I was out shopping on Friday evening and tripped over a curb in the parking lot. My right ankle twisted as I fell flat out on my back. My keys that were in my hand went flying across the parking lot, but nothing was broken and I was able to get back up.

I texted a friend and she texted back, “Am I forgiven for laughing at this? ” I assured her she was, for I had to as well. My wonderful daughter was laughing to as she witnessed the whole thing. She was at least able to control her laughter as she helped me up.

Just got off the phone to the wonderful secretary at the chiropractor’s office. She knows me so well! She agreed that bubble wrap for people would be a good invention.

I was glad I could get in today, for we are being told that the biggest snowstorm of this winter is coming our way tonight. With the way this winter has been, the biggest snowstorm of this season would only have to be about 3 inches of snow! Yes Spring is only a week away, bur we have had Spring this winter. I think they decided just to flip flop. Winter is starting and Summer will follow.We could see a foot or more of snow.  Supposed to snow an inch or 2 per hour. Will believe it when I see it!

If it does, I will enjoy watching the falling snow from inside. For pretty sure with the way things have been going lately that  I would walk out the door, and slip and fall! At least snow is soft!

Have a great start to the week! What inventions do you think should be invented ?