The Farm Dilemma: Part 3 – Plan B

“Friends know when distraction can be helpful!”

Good Morning! I had to include my Friday’s 6 word story in this post today. I wanted to explain a little about the story behind Colin’s continuing story.

What at one time seemed to be far away, is now literally just around the corner. Our court case begins next week, April 6th and 7th. What has been a journey of over a year is finally about to end! While I am ready for that to happen, there are so many emotions tumbling around inside of me. If I am not careful, I can let them overwhelm.

This would be where Colin’s story comes in. Dewey and his  friends are coming to the rescue. The rescue of keeping my mind at least partially sane! Colin creatively thought of how I could use a pleasant distraction over this time. Something to wake up each morning to that makes me smile. Yes, I am with all of you in the growing suspense of this story. The story for the day arrives in my inbox at 5:30am! I can handle the suspense this time, for it serves a bigger purpose. In saying that I will admit that I still ask Colin for clues. He would be in too much shock, if I didn’t. 🙂

As our friends try to help the man-servant find a solution to a dilemma, I am very grateful to Colin and the surprising way that he chose to help me. Not only is he keeping me captivated by a continuing story, but I also don’t need to worry about writing posts right now.  The break is needed.  So thanks again to Colin for his thoughtfulness and thanks to you, my readers. Thanks for falling in love with Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon like we have, and enjoying the stories. Also thank you so much  for the support you have given me as we draw closer to the trial. My heart has been touched in a big way!

The Farm Dilemma: Part 3- Plan B

That evening, they discussed their decisive failure to get lots of support, and decided to try again… but without Odessa, as she just caused confusion. The Man-Servant, once again with Jaxon in his pocket and with Dewey walking beside him, went into town. Dewey did get some favorable attention from a young girl, who then wanted to show him to her Mom who was shopping in a nearby store. They all went into the store, and the Man-Servant and Dewey were both really happy that at least somebody was interested in them, but then the owner asked them to leave because he did not want any animals in his store!

They walked around a little more and, again, it was a young girl who noticed Dewey, and who wanted them to meet her Mom. They were waiting while she went into a store, when they heard the growl. In a flash, there was a dog leaping towards Dewey who immediately climbed up a tree and started hissing and spitting at the barking dog!  Some people commented on how peaceful the town used to be before all these animals arrived! The Man-Servant was shaking his head in despair. This was clearly not working out as they had planned!

Back at the farm, they were all trying to think of some other way of getting support from the town’s people, but nothing that seemed remotely feasible was suggested. Even Odessa was not getting any new ideas and so, as it was getting late, Odessa and Jaxon went back to the barn. Dewey curled up on his cushions near the fireplace, and the Man-Servant went to his bed. A few moments later, there was the familiar whoosh… whoosh sound as Odessa flew off into the night.

The Man-Servant had just turned the light off when he heard Odessa fly past his window. He smiled to himself “It must be nice to be able to fly, and to have nothing to worry about apart from getting regular meals” he thought and, a few moments later, he was asleep!

The next morning, it was agreed that just the Man-Servant, with Jaxon in his pocket, would go into town. Once there, they decided to rest in a park very close to the town center and decide how they might be able to get some support for keeping Moonbeam Farm. They had already decided that Jaxon’s magic was probably not going to be much use with humans, but he might still come up with some ideas.

After a few minutes, a lady came and sat down on the other end of the bench. She smiled at the Man-Servant. “Good morning! This is a beautiful day isn’t it?” The Man-Servant nodded and smiled back. “Indeed it is a beautiful day!” She kept looking at him.” I don’t want to appear rude” she said “but were you in town a few days ago with an owl sitting on your shoulder, and a cat at your feet as you walked around?” The Man-Servant smiled again “Yes” he said “That was Dewey, the cat who lives with me at Moonbeam Farm, and Odessa, a Barn Owl who lives in the barn there.”

The lady moved along the bench towards the Man-Servant. “Did you say Moonbeam Farm?” she asked. “Yes” said the Man-Servant. “I bought it some time ago now. Why do you ask? Do you know the farm?” The lady was clearly quite excited. “Yes!” she said. “I know Moonbeam Farm extremely well. My grandparents lived there for as far back as I can remember. I used to spend a few weeks there every summer. It was so much fun! Please allow me to introduce myself.” She held out her hand “My name is Florence.” The Man-Servant shook her hand and responded “My pleasure Florence. My name is Joshua.”

He had to smile to himself  as he thought “Who would have guessed? Another Florence!”

12 thoughts on “The Farm Dilemma: Part 3 – Plan B

  1. Kudos to Colin for creating this distraction for Carolyn…and the rest of us who are hanging in there with her.
    I’m enjoying the story…the plot thickens!

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