The Farm Dilemma: Part 2- The Plan!

Good Morning! What plan do you think our friends came up with? With a charming cat, a rather outspoken owl and a magical jackalope, who knows what could happen! If you missed Part 1 of Colin’s story yesterday, here is a link. The Farm Dilemma: Part 1- The Bad News

The Farm Dilemma: Part 2- The Plan!

The Man-Servant, Dewey and Jaxon were all staring at Odessa. She took a deep breath and said “Dewey’s idea could just work if we approach the town people intelligently and you, Dewey, are going to be our key player.” Dewey looked at Odessa “I am not sure that I like that idea. It sounds like I could get hurt or something worse… like starved!”

Then the Man-Servant interrupted. “What exactly do you have in mind Odessa?” “Well” she said “Humans have some traits which we can use to our advantage… such as liking furry creatures, especially cats and dogs. We don’t have a dog to use, but we do have him!” she said, pointing to Dewey. “Another thing I know about people is that some of them really like birds, and I am a bird!

The Man-Servant scratched his chin, which is what he always did when deep in thought. “Odessa” he said “What about me and Jaxon?”  Odessa looked at him in her disapproving manner “Man-Servant” she said “They are your species. Make them like you. Make them love to have you and Moonbeam Farm so close to town. Do I really have to help you to work with your own kind? Just how advanced are you as a species?”

The Man-Servant looked down at the ground “I guess I invited that response didn’t I, but what about Jaxon?” “Jaxon is going to be a bit difficult” she said “so I think we might have to change his role. We can’t let the town know that we have a unique creature here otherwise they’ll all go really silly and everybody will be coming to the farm to stare at him… and us!”

Jaxon was jumping up and down “I know!” he said “I know!” Odessa turned towards him “What do you know Jaxon?” “I know that I am unique” he said “The creator told me that I would be unique!” Odessa just turned away and shook her head and then, turning to face the Man-Servant, she said “I think Jaxon must keep a very low profile for reasons which I sincerely hope are obvious… even to you! However, if he could practice his magic and come up with anything that might help us in our quest, that could be really useful.”

The following day, The Man-Servant (with Jaxon in his pocket), Dewey and Odessa went into town. Dewey had agreed to just follow the Man-Servant wherever he went, and Odessa was going to be his pet owl and sit on his shoulder the whole time!

They just walked around the town and generally created some interest. When they were near a furniture store, a lady came out and was clearly surprised to see Odessa. “What a big budgerigar!” she exclaimed to the Man-Servant, who was trying not to flinch as Odessa tensed up her claws on his shoulder.  “This is my friend Odessa.” He said. The lady looked a little distracted. “You have a big budgerigar as a friend?” she asked.  The Man-Servant felt the claws dig deeper. He turned to Odessa “Would you quit doing that Odessa?”

The lady was now looking rather curiously at the Man-Servant. “Did I just hear you talking to your budgerigar friend?” she asked. The Man-Servant tried to smile, but his shoulder was really hurting. “I’d love to chat” he said “but I am in a bit of a hurry and must leave.” Once they had moved away from the lady, Odessa bent over to the Man-Servant’s right ear and whispered “Big budgerigar indeed! There is no hope at all for your species! Let’s go home and discuss an alternative plan!”

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