The Farm Dilemma: Part 1- The Bad News

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! The 29th has come and it has brought with it our 4 favorite characters.  They are Dewey the cat, who loves to eat and sleep, Jaxon, the  jackalope with magical powers, Odessa, the outspoken, perhaps a little sassy,  owl and a caring, perhaps a little wacky Man-Servant.  He tries his best to maintain his sanity in dealing with this gang. Maintaining sanity while having quite a variety of adventures. Never a dull moment!

For my new followers, you may want to check out these links to learn more about how these 4 all came to live together on MoonBeam Farm.  A word of warning: Dewey and his friends can sneak their way into your heart rather fast! Once upon a Time….(Part 1),Once Upon a Time…(Part 2), Once Upon A Time (part 3) and Once Upon A Time… Part 3b

Enjoy Colin’s story! Is there a story behind this story, a reason behind the suspense that I have been in. A reason for Colin’s story coming now? Perhaps… 🙂

The Bad News

It was a Sunday evening, and our four friends were in the farm house as usual but, this time, there was a very different atmosphere. The Man-Servant had invited them in as usual, but he was rather serious this time. As soon as everybody was settled in front of the fireplace, it was Odessa who spoke first.

“What’s up Man-Servant?” she asked. The Man-Servant looked at her, and said “I am in a rather difficult situation. In fact we are all in a very difficult situation.” Jaxon looked up at the Man-Servant “Is it something we have done?” he asked. “No” said the Man-Servant. “I received a letter last week from the town saying that, after much careful deliberation, they were going to buy our farm.” Odessa stomped around in a circle. “They can’t do that!” she said. “It’s our farm!”

The Man-Servant was deep in thought, and then said to Odessa. “I am afraid they can. Apparently sometime in the near future they are expecting a road to be built through here, and Moonbeam Farm is in the way. They will buy it and then demolish it in preparation.”

Dewey who, so far, had not been listening, suddenly sensed that something serious was happening “Is everything okay?” he said looking at the serious faces around him. Odessa just shook her head “If you could master some skills in addition to eating and sleeping, you would know so much more!” Then she turned to the Man-Servant. “Is there nothing we can do? Can’t we object or something?” The Man-Servant explained that he had already objected but to no avail however, there was going to be a public hearing in a four weeks.

Odessa looked at him. “From what I have learned about humans, it is going to take some really good arguments. They already know you own the farm, so that is not going to impact anything is it?” The Man-Servant shook his head. “You’re quite right Odessa. We need to bring some additional reasons to their meeting!

Odessa was looking very thoughtful “What if we could get some people in town to support us? Would that work?” The Man-Servant was obviously thinking about the idea. “It sounds good in theory Odessa, but we don’t really know anybody that well in town.”

Dewey suddenly stood up and stretched. “Well perhaps if they all knew who lived here… like knew all of us, then the people would support us?” Jaxon looked at Dewey. “Good thinking Dewey” he said “But how are we going to get the people to think that an owl is a factor in saving a farm, or even me… a fictitious creature?” Dewey went quiet for a moment “Well perhaps we should all go and meet the town people. Perhaps once they get to know us, they will support us!”

Odessa looked at Dewey for a moment “You know” she said “I hate to admit it, but Dewey has a point!” The Man-Servant looked at her “Would you care to explain Odessa?” he asked. Odessa just looked at him and blinked her big eyes. “No I don’t care to explain Odessa, but I can offer some thoughts on Dewey’s idea. Now listen to me everybody. I think I know how this can work!”

14 thoughts on “The Farm Dilemma: Part 1- The Bad News

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  3. I am the last to come but.. oh well. Now, I get 5 parts to read at once 😁. Now, I see what “the 29th” was about. And Dewey has a really good point, in the end, what’s the worst that can happen?!

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