Increasing Curiosity! (Part 3)

Elyssa couldn’t turn off her mind. The unanswered questions kept coming, increasing her curiosity. Whoever was leaving her written messages and texts counting down the days, was not doing a very good job at giving her any clues! No clues as to what could possibly be coming her way. Coming her way  in what was now 7 days.

At least she was going away tonight. Work was having a big party. Her boss liked to throw appreciation parties for all his staff 2x a year. They were always big affairs  with a wonderful array of food. Everyone enjoyed the food and drink and  dancing  the night away.

She decided to play the piano until it was time to get ready. That would get her mind off her perplexing questions. The piano soothed her as her fingers flew over the keys and she didn’t have to worry about others hearing her mistakes. Only Taffy, her sweet Labrador was around to hear her and right now she was snoozing.

Elyssa felt the excitement stir in her as she drove to the party. This night would be good for her. She really needed to get out more often.

The night was going just as she had imagined it would. Enjoying dancing and laughing with her friends. Valerie still seemed to wear a sly smile on her face, made Elyssa wonder what she may know, if anything, about the apparent 7 days that Elyssa has left until…. Nope, Elyssa wasn’t going there tonight. She shook herself out of her daze as she walked to the buffet table.

“Elyssa, Elyssa!” She turned to see who was calling her name. It was Rob, a close friend of hers. “You looked like you were in a daze there for a bit, everything Okay?” ” Yes, I am fine Rob, what is up?” Rob took a sip of his drink as he smiled and said, “Only 7 days left!”, Elyssa’s mind began to whirl. Was she going to find out tonight? Was Rob behind this whole thing and he decided to mercifully lift her suspense? She perked her ears up to get ready to hear what he had to say.

“Yes, only 7 days until I see the swaying of the Palm Trees and I ride the waves with my jet ski.7 days of living in a tropical paradise! What could possibly be better?” Elyssa smiled in agreement with him, though she was biting her tongue. She wanted to blurt out that having her questions answered could be better, but what if he really didn’t know anything?

“So would you like to dance the last dance of the night with me?” Elyssa took his hand as he led her out onto the dance floor. She may as well dance, for just standing alone thinking wasn’t going to help her curious mind any.

As she walked out to the car later that night her feet were sore. Wearing those heels probably wasn’t her most brilliant idea, but they had looked so nice! It would feel so good to get them off  when she got home.

What was that stuck in her windshield? When she got closer she saw it was a pink piece of paper folded up. Without even looking she was pretty sure she could guess what it said! So much for her mind being at rest. She unfolded it and read. “7 days left until some of your questions are answered. When you get an answer, you may still wonder why.”

OH how someone sure did enjoy playing with her mind! Why would she wonder why after finding out what was going on? Shaking her head she saw Valerie 2 cars over from her. Before she could think she called out to her. Valerie looked her way and came over to her. “What do you want?” Elyssa looked down at the note again as she contemplated showing it to Valerie. No, she wouldn’t ask her, for questions seemed to get Elyssa only deeper into confusion. Meanwhile Valerie was standing there with a questioning look on her face.

“Would you like to come over this week-end? Maybe we could catch a movie or something.” Valerie smiled and agreed  as Elyssa said goodnight and got in her car to drive home.  She drove into the night looking up at the sky. She gazed upon the full moon shining down from the sky.

Valerie was still standing in the parking lot thinking. She heard someone coming and looked up and saw Rob on his way to his car. A smile came over her face as she called out to him. “Rob, do you have a few minutes? I need to talk to you.”


12 thoughts on “Increasing Curiosity! (Part 3)

  1. This very much has an air of one of those pick-your-story books. You know, the one where you choose A and go down this road or B and go up a tree. Reading through the comments makes me curious about the next chapter! I think that’s the beauty of writing as you go and getting a bit of audience input.

    Also, we had a dog named Taffy when I was young – I loved that dog! It’s a good dog name 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting that you say that ,for I had thought of those books as I was writing . I used to enjoy reading them when I was young.
      Aww! That is sweet that you had a dog named Taffy. It just popped in my head.
      Oh the audience interaction is definitely a highlight of blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

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