What Day is it? (Part 2)

Good Morning! At the request of my  wonderful followers I did a Part 2 to yesterday’s post. If you missed it, here is the link. Precious Sleep

The sun’s rays were streaming through the window when Elyssa opened her eyes. One look at the clock told her that she had overslept. The long sleep had felt so good, but now she would have to rush to get to work. No time for banana pancakes this morning. She barely had time to grab a cup of Meadow Tea before rushing out the door. The sweet taste of Meadow Tea was the perfect thing for the first day of Spring.

Made it to work with no time to spare. She was glad no one was in her parking space, or she would have been late. Running into work, she tripped and broke the heel of her shoe. This day was not starting off well. Her boss was standing right inside the door when Elyssa entered. Usually her boss comes to work a little later, but of course on the day that Elyssa is running late,  the boss is already there.

Making it into her office she closes the door and lets out a deep breath.  She stumbles to her desk kicking off her shoes. She looked in her drawer for her spare set of shoes, very glad  that she had thought to keep a pair in there.

As she was setting things up on her desk to start the day she noticed a note. It was a post-it note and was stuck onto her phone. All it said was 3 words, “Nine days left!”

How was she supposed to concentrate on work now?  Was this  mysterious person one of her co-workers? Or was a co-worker just doing a favor for someone else. Joining in the plan to help Elyssa go crazy! Rob would jump at the chance to go along with that plan. She thought she had recognized his  voice on her phone yesterday, but it could have been disguised. Bill did a great job at mimicking the voices of others.

Shannon would be sly enough to devise this whole plan. How was she ever going to figure this all out? She lightly banged her head on her desk.

The door opened and Elyssa quickly sat up. “Is everything Okay Elyssa?” Valerie asked, as she placed a cup of coffee on her desk. “Yes, I am fine, thanks for the coffee. I was just thinking that I could really use a cup.” ” You are welcome my friend.  Have a wonderful day!” Valerie flashed a bright  smile as she breezed out the door.

Elyssa sat there holding her cup of coffee and thinking. Was there something different behind Valerie’s smile? Did she know about the countdown of days? Oh, Elyssa  was overthinking again. She was just going to put it in the back of her mind and focus on work.

Putting her coffee cup down she turned her calendar to today’s date. She let out a little moan as she saw what was written in black ink. “9 days!” Having a thought she tore off the page to see the next date. Sure enough, as she suspected, the words “8 days” was written in bold letters. Smack went her head on her desk! Her coffee cup wobbled a little.

What was someone up to? They obviously didn’t want her to forget the number of days left. As of now she didn’t know how she could possibly forget. How could she forget the date of a day when something would be revealed to her? For a curious person like her there was no chance, especially when she knew so little about what was coming. Maybe on that day a limo would show up at her door and whisk her away to the airport where she would fly on a jet to a sun drenched Tropical Island. Any island would be fine, she wasn’t picky. Yeah, now she was dreaming! She really didn’t expect that, but this is what happens, when her mind is left to wonder!

Her phone beeped, it was her boss. He wondered why she wasn’t at the meeting yet for it was starting! She told him she would be right there. She took one more glance at the calendar that now said 5 days. She may have torn off a few more pages. Perhaps it would make the day come quicker. One never knew. Maybe she could confuse whoever was plotting this scheme. Not likely she knew, but….and she walked out the door with a smile.


25 thoughts on “What Day is it? (Part 2)

  1. How to draw your audience into the story! Based on that countdown, do we have to wait until Mar 29 for an explanation? Perhaps there will be no explanation on Mar 29? Perhaps something will happen on Mar 29… that still requires an explanation? Perhaps all will make sense on April 8? Just thinking! 🙂


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  3. The character reminds me of a certain “someone” who doesnt like being kept in suspense 😁. My thought about the countdown turns out to be the same as Elyssa’s- a little vacation certainly wouldn’t hurt,

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