Precious Sleep

For my post today I decided that I would do  a story around the first line of the next chapter that I  read in my book. Well I didn’t like that  line, so I decided to do the next chapter. Let’s just say that I began wondering if the idea would work, but at last I was able to find a chapter that did work. Hope you enjoy it, for not sure when I will attempt this again. 🙂

I need to make one more stop before going home, thought Elyssa. Elyssa was so  tired, and wanted nothing more then to lay her weary body down on her feather bed at home. She was on her 3rd cup of coffee, but the caffeine just wasn’t working this time, she was too exhausted. One more stop to make and soon she would be heading to her peaceful home.

Little Aria was sound asleep looking like an angel. Hard to imagine that piercing wails was coming out of her mouth earlier. She sure did have a mighty set of lungs on her, for one so small.  Elyssa loved her niece, but walking the floors at night trying to pacify Aria,  had worn her out. Elyssa was ready to give precious Aria back to her Mom today. She was counting down the hours,  looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep!

Ahh!! She reached the top of the hill and could see her sister’s house in the distance.  When she pulled into the driveway Aria opened her eyes and Elyssa was sure that she saw her smile. Elyssa’s sister was standing outside waiting for them, her sister’s face was all aglow. Refreshed after a mini vacation. and eagerly waiting to hold Aria again.

“Was she good for you?” asked Elyssa’s sister. Elyssa looked down at the cooing baby in her arms. She turned to her sister and said , “She was an angel!”

“Wow! You must have the magic touch, she screams most of the night here at home.”

Elyssa smiled to herself as she bent down to give a gentle kiss on the tender cheek of her niece.

Hugged her sister goodbye and jumped in her car thinking of her comfy bed that was calling her name.

When she made it home she headed straight for her bedroom. Her answering machine light was blinking on her nightstand. She pushed it as she slipped beneath her cozy blankets. “Only 10 days left!” was all that the message said. Elyssa didn’t need to hear anything else. She knew what it meant, and she could hear the laughter in the person’s voice. Oh she was ready for these 10 days to pass and to find out exactly what was coming.  At least she thought she was, another part of her wasn’t so sure. That was the last thought on her mind as she pulled the blankets over her head and let sleep overtake her.



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