Human Bubble Wrap

I have an invention that someone needs to develop! Bubble wrap for clumsy people. I think it could be very profitable!

I was getting over a sore back last week. Apparently I had been doing acrobats in my sleep and didn’t know it. My wonderful chiropractor fixed me up and by Thursday I was feeling a lot better! That feeling was short lived though. I was out shopping on Friday evening and tripped over a curb in the parking lot. My right ankle twisted as I fell flat out on my back. My keys that were in my hand went flying across the parking lot, but nothing was broken and I was able to get back up.

I texted a friend and she texted back, “Am I forgiven for laughing at this? ” I assured her she was, for I had to as well. My wonderful daughter was laughing to as she witnessed the whole thing. She was at least able to control her laughter as she helped me up.

Just got off the phone to the wonderful secretary at the chiropractor’s office. She knows me so well! She agreed that bubble wrap for people would be a good invention.

I was glad I could get in today, for we are being told that the biggest snowstorm of this winter is coming our way tonight. With the way this winter has been, the biggest snowstorm of this season would only have to be about 3 inches of snow! Yes Spring is only a week away, bur we have had Spring this winter. I think they decided just to flip flop. Winter is starting and Summer will follow.We could see a foot or more of snow.Β  Supposed to snow an inch or 2 per hour. Will believe it when I see it!

If it does, I will enjoy watching the falling snow from inside. For pretty sure with the way things have been going lately thatΒ  I would walk out the door, and slip and fall! At least snow is soft!

Have a great start to the week! What inventions do you think should be invented ?

12 thoughts on “Human Bubble Wrap

  1. It’s a great idea! Wobbly toddlers and fearless toddlers could also you it! I’m a bit of a clumsy person myself so I’m in!

    Take care- and definitely steer clear of the slippery paths once the snow arrives! πŸ™‚

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  2. Please hold on to as much of that snow storm as you can because it would appear that we are its next stop! They are forecasting 30 cm / 12″ with 55mph winds overnight tonight. What will the world look like tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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    • Hold onto it??
      But earlier this year you were wanting me to send it to you, if we happened to get any. Now it looks like we will have plenty to spare, so I am just doing what you requested and sending it to you!! Always eager to help out! You are welcome πŸ™‚

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