The Gift of Sight!

The week-end is here! I hope that whatever your week-end includes that at least part of it can be relaxing! My husband and I have plans to visit one of our favorite bookstores later today, so I am happy about that. I love browsing through bookstores. Sad to say that so many have closed down. I heard of another one closing their doors just this past week. This post though  is not about bookstores 🙂

I have started to see how different bloggers are re-posting their very first post. I thought of doing that, but I have already re-posted my first post a few months back. I thought of something a little different. I went back to my first post on March 4th. It was March 4th, 2015. I had started blogging in the Fall of 2014. It was fun to take a trip down Memory lane. Enjoy and see what all you can SEE this week-end! 🙂


The Gift of Sight!

I am off to  the eye doctor this afternoon for a routine check up. The only thing I really don’t like about the eye doctor is when they dilate your eyes! No, it doesn’t hurt, but my eyes are real sensitive to it. I can’t see right for around 8 hours!! So you won’t see me on the computer this afternoon or evening. Maybe I  will be on  at  3am!

I complain about the dilation, but I am thankful that I have a good Doctor to go to. Thankful that they can help keep my eyes healthy, for you only get 1 set of eyes and I highly value mine!

I cannot imagine not being able to see. To not see the beautiful smiles of my children, and the twinkle in my husband’s eyes. To not see the beauty of the pure white snow and the wonderful budding of trees in the Spring and the blooming of flowers. The chirping birds in the tree and my loyal dogs. I could make this post my longest post by writing everything down that I love  to see. I feel so badly for the ones that don’t have the gift of sight, and yes it is a gift. A gift that is easy to take for granted. You kinda just assume you will always have it.

3 years ago I had to get cataract surgery, my night vision was starting to be really affected to where I did not trust myself to drive at night. I saw those mega halos on the lights and the world was just so dark. I could hardly see the lines on the road. Yes, I was young to have a cataract. I had the rare, fast moving kind. If you would know about my medical history, the word rare has been used a lot more than once!

I was scared to have the surgery though I did want my night vision improved. But the thought of them messing with my eye I did not like. I was like one wrong slip with the laser and OOPS, didn’t mean to cut there! A little too late! Glad to say the surgery went well and to anyone who is worried about having the surgery done, go for it! You will be so happy you did. I remember the first night I drove and I was like, Wow, they turned the lights back on! It was so much brighter and the halos were no longer there.

Now there is another cataract in my other eye, which isn’t  moving as fast, but eventually I will probably have to get it done. So my night vision isn’t perfect,  but is a lot better! I don’t want to get my left eye done, not because I am scared, but because I am enjoying something rare again. The eye doctor just shook his head after he had examined me.  It happened  due to the surgery.

I used to be far sighted in both eyes. I wore glasses all the time until I was 13 years old. After that I only needed them for reading and close up work,  like the computer. Now I am far sighted still in my left eye but my right eye that had the surgery is near sighted. I no longer need glasses to read or for the computer 🙂 It has been awesome! Yes , I can’t  read signs at a distance as easily anymore, but I will handle that in trade for not having to wear glasses.

I am thinking if I have to get the cataract out of my left eye that may make that eye near sighted and then I would be probably need glasses again. Yes, there are contacts, but…. You have to be coordinated to put those  little microscopic contacts in your eyes just right.  We will see what the Dr says.  I will remember that if I need glasses again in the future,  it’s a small price to pay for having the gift of sight! GO ENJOY the WORLD today! Try to see how many things you can spot and take appreciation in. Be thankful for all the wondrous beauty that you can see!Koala


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