The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 5 – The Return Journey!

Do they actually make it back to Moonbeam Farm? Will Odessa’s words of advice to them hold any significance or will they just be overlooked? Guess you will need to read to find out. 🙂 

The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 5 – The Return Journey!

The sun was dropping below the horizon by the time that Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant had got off the haystack and started walking towards the distant church spire. Soon it was getting dark, and they had to look for somewhere to sleep. Odessa had been flying overhead and decided to go down and find out why they had stopped. The Man-Servant explained that they were all tired and had to sleep.

Suddenly, the Man-Servant turned to Odessa. “We were flying for quite some time, so how is it that we can still see the church spire in the Town of Greenwoods?” Odessa just looked at him. “That church spire is not as close as you seem to think it is. I could probably get there before nightfall, but you guys are going to take much longer. You should also know that the wind changed direction while you were ballooning and you were heading back when you landed in the haystack.” “Wait a minute” said the Man-Servant. “Are you saying that if we had stayed in the basket, we would have been blown back to the Town of Greenwoods?” “Yes!” said Odessa.

The Man-Servant was starting to get upset. “Odessa!” he said “Why on earth did you suggest that we crash into the haystack if you knew that we were heading in the direction of home?” “Really simple to explain” she said. “You barely had any control over the balloon, and you were traveling along at a pretty good speed! If you had waited, you may not have had such a convenient place to land. You may have hit the church spire. You may have been blown over the Big Water. You may have……..” “Okay! Okay!” said the Man-Servant. You’ve made your point. So what do you suggest we do now?”

“Well Man-Servant” said Odessa “You have never slept outside at night, around here, have you?” “No” said the Man-Servant. “Why do you ask?” Odessa just looked at Dewey and Jaxon and, turning back to the Man-Servant, replied “It’s not safe for these two to be out in the open like this at night. You need to find a shelter somewhere, or perhaps go up into that tree over there.” She pointed to it with one of her wings. “You cannot underestimate the night life around here” she continued “Remember that I am nocturnal and know these things! I have seen a number of cats your size (Dewey) being attacked by a pack of coyotes. It’s not pretty but then, cats really should stay indoors at night for their own safety.”

Dewey ran over to the tree and climbed up high into the branches. The Man-Servant picked up Jaxon and put him in his jacket pocket, and then climbed up the tree where he wedged himself in a place where two large branches joined the trunk. Jaxon was snuggling down in his pocket when he made a discovery. This was the pocket that had the snacks in it, and there were some left!

Throughout the night Odessa watched, from the top of the tree, for any signs of problems. Dewey was snoring away on his branch, and Jaxon was quietly finishing off the snacks! The Man-Servant did not think that he would sleep, but he did, and soon it was daylight. As soon as the rays from the rising sun hit their tree, they all climbed down. “I hope nobody is hungry” said the Man-Servant. “No… I’m not.” said Jaxon. Dewey looked at him “Why aren’t you hungry? I’m starving!” Odessa went over to Dewey “I have some small rodent pieces left over which you are welcome to have.” Dewey just looked at her “I am used to eating much better than that” he said. “I have no doubt that you are” said Odessa “But… at this moment, you have limited choices!” Dewey reluctantly accepted Odessa’s offer of food, but Jaxon and the Man-Servant turn away rather than watch him eat the morsels that Odessa provided! The Man-Servant had already checked his pockets for food, but there was nothing there except a few crumbs!


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