The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 4 – Where Are We?

Good Morning! As you begin your day, you may be thankful that you are not in the same situation that our 4 Adventurers find themselves in. As always though, Odessa is trying her best to help out. She does make logical sense, but the others don’t exactly seem thrilled by what she says. 🙂 Enjoy! Have a great day! It is storming here. Would definitely not be good weather for our friends right now!

Chapter 4- Where are We?

 The Man-Servant, Jaxon and Dewey all moved to the left side of the basket. It slowly started turning to the left, but looked as if it was going to hit the ground before the haystack. The Man-Servant reached over; closed the top vent with the parachute vent cord, and the balloon slowed down its rate of descent and all three of them watched the haystack come ever closer.  In a few minutes, they braced themselves as the inevitable collision was about to happen.

The hotair balloon basket caught the top of the hay stack and ejected our three adventurers who fell onto the hay bales. It then dragged the basket over the haystack, and the last they saw of it was as it was heading back up into the sky! Within a few minutes, they heard the familiar whoosh whoosh sound as Odessa flew over and landed on the hay next to them.

‘Well guys” she said “Did you have a good adventure?” The Man-Servant, who was now sitting up, replied “Yes thank you Odessa, but I really don’t think that it’s over yet. We still have to get back to the farm.” Jaxon and Dewey were now both looking at the Man-Servant, when Jaxon asked “Do you have any idea where we are?” The Man-Servant shook his head. “No idea Jaxon, but we must find out so we can plan our route back.”

Odessa was hopping around on the top of the haystack. “Isn’t anybody going to ask me?” The Man-Servant looked at her. “Sorry Odessa. Do you happen to know where we are?” “I know exactly where you are.” Said Odessa, and then all went very quiet. The Man-Servant shook his head “Okay Odessa, can you please tell us where we are? No wait… WOULD you please tell us where we are?” Odessa replied “You are on the top of a haystack!” The Man-Servant looked her in disbelief “What!” he said “Is that it? We know very well that we are on the top of a haystack!” Odessa just stayed very calm and stared at him.  “Well what else do you want to know?” Jaxon decided to try and help out and said “Where is the haystack Odessa?” “Beneath you!” said Odessa “I am surprised that you had to ask!”

Dewey decided to try his best. “Odessa” he said “I am hungry and tired. Please tell me where the haystack is located!” “Oh that’s easy” said Odessa “It’s located at the edge of a field. If you look down over the sides, you will see the field!” Dewey just rolled over and went to sleep!

The Man-Servant was deep in thought, when suddenly he looked directly at Odessa. “Do you know where this field is, relative to the Town of Greenwoods and Moonbeam Farm?” Odessa just rolled her eyes. “Of course I do. Have you forgotten that I flew here with you?” “That’s the most intelligent thing you’ve said so far” said the Man-Servant. “So where is it?” “Where is what?” said Odessa. “This field!” replied the Man-Servant rather loudly. “It’s beneath this haystack!” said Odessa “Not only are you really slow in catching on to things, but you are also being quite rude to me. Do you want my help, or should I just fly back on my own?”

Jaxon then intervened. “Odessa… what direction do we need to go in order to get back to Moonbeam Farm?” Odessa pointed with one of her wings. “You see that church spire in the distance? Well that’s the Town of Greenwoods!”


7 thoughts on “The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 4 – Where Are We?

    • That was my first thought too. Jaxon obviously has a much better idea of how to communicate with Odessa! But of course, the stories wouldn’t be as much fun without all those mental exercises to keep the man-servant sharp. And now he has lost the balloon, poor guy. Maybe if he is nice to Odessa, he can persuade her to fly up and retrieve it?

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      • I doubt the manservant can be nice enough to gear Odessa to fly the enormous balloon, she tends to have a way of frustrating even the calmest people 😁. But true though, the story would not be the same without their squabbling

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      • Yes, Odessa is quite the unique character, isn’t she. 🙂 She does keep things lively!
        The poor Man-servant is kept working hard by Dewey, for those pillows need fluffed just right and of course his stomach is a priority. Plus Odessa can make his mind go crazy, and who knows what magic stunt Jaxon may pull next. Yes, I would say they keep the Man-Servant in good shape! 🙂

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