The Snowy Day Adventure

The Man-Servant wasn’t sure what to do. He had promised Odessa, Jaxon, and Dewey a very special adventure, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. They had went halfway through the winter with  not getting snow, but now in the last few days a lot had fallen.  It looked beautiful outside on the farm, but it wasn’t exactly good for traveling in.

Dewey had awakened from his peaceful slumber and was looking out the window. “I think we need to go out in the snow Man-Servant. I feel like throwing a snowball at someone.” Dewey said, with a sly grin. “Okay, let me grab my coat and we can go out and get Jaxon and Odessa to join us”. “Whoa, hold on!” Dewey said, with a little panic in his voice. “I didn’t mean this instant, you have not served me my breakfast yet!” The Man-Servant laughed as he went to the stove to get breakfast ready.

They soon had their stomachs full and were  bundled up as they stepped out into the beautiful snow. Odessa and Jaxon were already there  waiting on them. “Sure took you guys long enough.” The Man-Servant pointed to Dewey and said, “Well when you have to cook enough for a 12 cats, it takes awhile!”  Splat!  A snowball flew and hit the Man-Servant smack in the leg. “I don’t eat that much! ” cried Dewey,  and the snowball battle was on. It ended up with  Odessa, Jaxon and Dewey all being against the Man-Servant. The Man-Servant was better at making snowballs, but the other 3 were better at dodging them.

After awhile they all grew a little tired and laid down in the snow. They made what the Man-Servant called snow angels. Odessa’s looked the best! Odessa then had an idea. “Lets make snowmen. Jaxon and I can make one, and pointing at Dewey, she said that he could make one with the Man-Servant. Jaxon and Odessa went to the front of the farmhouse to make theirs and Dewey and the Man-Servant stayed in the back.

Dewey was all for it at first, but then he started getting tired. He was watching the Man-Servant lift the round ball of snow up for its head and placing it on the body. They already had given the snowman arms, they just needed to do its face now.  “Dewey, Please hand me the carrot stick for the snowman’s nose.” There was silence and Dewey didn’t do anything. “Dewey did you not hear me?” ” Oh, I heard you Man-Servant, you said you wanted the carrot stick.” again there was silence. “Dewey! Once again, could you please hand me the carrot stick? ” “No, I can’t.  I mean I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t. Do you understand?”

The Man-servant was shaking his head. He was  wondering how he stayed as sane as he did. “Why wouldn’t you be able to hand it to me Dewey?” “Simple, its not here,  I  ate it.  A cat needs to eat, you know. You are the one who said feeding me was like feeding 12 cats, remember!”  The Man-Servant made another snowball and Splat!

“Hey!”, said Dewey, ” I didn’t eat the black jellybeans for his eyes, they are nasty.”  “Thank you Dewey, for restraining yourself.” ” You are most welcome, oh wonderful Man- Servant, always happy to help.”

“Dare I ask if there are any  red jellybeans left for his mouth?” “Oh, is that what they were for? I thought they were for my mouth.”  “Dewey!” the Man-Servant said, with some exasperation at this point. Then Dewey handed him the red jellybeans, “Gotcha!” Dewey said, with a smile.

Dewey was looking at the snowman and said it still was missing something. “Like a carrot stick, perhaps?” was the Man-Servant’s smart reply. Dewey ignored him and told him that it needed a special hat. That it needed to wear a Tilly, like the Man-Servant wore! The Man-Servant wasn’t sure about putting his hat on top of the snowman, but a special snowman deserved a special hat. They both stood back and looked at it and agreed that the hat was the perfect  touch.

They decided to go see how Jaxon and Odessa were coming along with their snowman. Odessa was flying towards them as they were walking towards the front of the house. “Oh good, you are coming. We can’t wait to show you! Hurry!” They got to the front of the house and an amazing sight greeted them. There was no ordinary snowmen to be seen. No, there were 2 snow sculptures! Ones that looked identical to Jaxon and Odessa! Dewey and the Man-Servant were speechless as Jaxon and Odessa wore big smiles. “Never knew we were so good, did you?” quipped Odessa.  “I think the praise should actually go to Jaxon and his magic powers, am I right Jaxon?” the Man-Servant asked. Jaxon gave a sheepish grin as he said that he couldn’t resist. Dewey swatted at him, but had to admit that the snow sculptures did look amazing.

“Why don’t we all go inside for a little and get warmed up by the fire.” suggested the Man-Servant and they all agreed.

Meanwhile Dewey and the Man-Servant’s snowman started to shake a little. His right arm twitched and then the left. His head turned to the left and the right. Where did everyone go?

Everyone was inside resting by the fire with snacks. They were sharing stories with each other about some of their favorite memories. As Dewey was stretched out nibbling away, he paused from eating and said, “I am sorry Man-Servant that the planned adventure you had for us didn’t work out, but today has been fun. Sometimes you can have the best adventures in your own backyard.  Adventures don’t always need to be planned.  As long as you are surrounded by your best friends, adventures are bound to happen. There is nothing more  that you need!” They all agreed that Dewey was very right. They chatted, laughed and ate into the night. They never saw the snowman with the Man-Servant’s special hat, dancing in the moonlight.



The Unexpected Twist

Oh it was so hot!  They didn’t know if they would ever get used to this heat. It had almost been 2 months since they left the freezing North and ended up in Hawaii. They thought the job transfer would be nice, but were having second thoughts now. At least today was their day off work. They were at a restaurant talking about their plans for the afternoon.

“Isn’t it too hot for sightseeing?”

“That is why I think we should go  see the waterfalls. I know there is a spot where you can stand under them. That would cool us off for sure.”

“Well now standing underneath a waterfall does sound like a fun adventure,  let’s do it!”

After a delicious lunch they waved down a taxi and told the taxi driver where they wanted to go. They took a taxi, since neither of them were very good drivers. They sat back with a full stomach, excited for their adventure to begin. If they only knew how adventuresome it would become.

They were both in awe when the taxi stopped and they got out to walk closer to the Falls.  It was amazing! So much power and so beautiful. The sound of rushing water was like music to the ears. After standing for awhile enraptured by it all, they decided it was time to go under the waterfall, and be refreshed by the cool water.

“Hey, before we go stand underneath it, I would like to see the view from the very top of the falls.” Leave it to Jinx to always have the “smart” ideas, thought Jangle.

Jangle eagerly followed Jinx climbing up to the very top of the falls. “WOW! It really is an amazing view from up here!” , shouted Jinx. “Come quickly!”, he called to Jangle, who was being a little too slow. Jangle was known to fall asleep at the craziest times, mid-conversation,  and even sometimes when walking.  Jinx was prone to that as well. They really were a wacky pair.

As Jinx bent over the falls to get a better look, a big gust of wind came and blew his hat right off of his head. Oh No, that was his favorite hat! It was the only hat he knew of that had a pocket in it. He tried to quickly grab it, but …..OH NO! He was falling! Jangle tried to quickly grab his leg, but he missed his leg and started falling too. They were both going over the Falls!

Whoa! What was happening? It was like they were being blown backwards.They were being blown back to the top of the falls to where they had been standing. Before they knew it they were both on their feet again, safe and sound. They were very confused, but also filled with much relief!! They knelt down and kissed the ground and that’s when they noticed a pair of tiny feet in front of them.

“Jaxon!”, “What are you doing here?”, cried Jinx. ” Apparently I was needed to save you 2 goofballs! I just used up my magic for a whole week! But, I can’t deny that it was for a very good purpose.”

Jinx and Jangle thanked him profusely! Jaxon, who is always very polite and humble, assured them that it was no problem. He did have 1 question though. He said how he has noticed a pattern forming  since their first meeting. It appeared that they were very good at getting themselves into trouble! They really didn’t know what to say. They had to agree with him.

Jinx piped up and said, ” That is why I am so glad that we have a magical Jackalope for such a good friend!”

Jaxon laughed and said how he had to get back to the farmhouse.  Who knew what trouble the gang might be getting themselves into back there, especially if Dewey had anything to do with it. They thanked him again and watched him disappear  in a puff of smoke.

Jinx turned to Jangle to ask if he was ready to go stand safely under the waterfall now. Jangle couldn’t answer though, he had fallen asleep!


Llama Llama, Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama by [Dewdney, Anna]

Story time again! Yes, I love children’s stories and the meanings that they can hold for adults, as well as children.

This book has been another favorite of my toddlers at work.  I could recite the book by memory, but I won’t. I will say though that it is adorable to hear my little ones recite some of it. I will say a word or 2 and off they go. They are starting to read. Yes, it is by memory for them, but isn’t that how reading starts. Makes my heart smile to see them pick up a book and start “reading” it. 🙂

What meaning does this book hold? A lesson on worry. Mama llama says goodnight and tucks little llama in and all is well. That is until little llama’s mind starts to wonder. What if Mama llama is gone, what if he never sees her again. He calls her name and waits, but she still hasn’t come. Where could Mama llama possibly have gone? He starts to fret and throw a fit and ….

Here is where the meaning hits home. We, as adults, may not throw fits anymore like little llama.  We may not stomp the floor and start to wail, but how often do we start to fret? How often do we let our worries and fears take control?  One thought leads to another, until we are sure that either  the worst thing happened or it is about  to happen. We throw our own kind of fit. We can’t think straight, for our brains are filled up with the, “What if’s.”

We decide that the worst has happened and we plot our in our brains what we will do. We  fret some more because of not being exactly sure of what we will do. If we do this, will that lead to another problem? The “What If’s” , keep us from eating or sleeping, or they make us eat too much. We need something to do while letting our imagination go fast forward with worry!

How often do we go through all that fear and worry and it turns out to be nothing?

Oh yes, like little llama, we sometimes create our own drama.

Next time you feel yourself giving into your worries and fears, think of the words of little llama’s Mama.

“baby llama, what a tizzy…please stop all this llama drama”

Take your worries and fears and as in the words of Elsa, from the movie Frozen, ” Let it go..let it go.” My 2 year old’s LOVED the movie Frozen and every day, a couple times a day, we would play that song in the classroom. May I have started to go a little crazy in hearing that song so many times? Well, that’s another story. 🙂

Go have a beautiful day and do the best you can at letting your fears and worries go! It can be hard, believe me I know! But it really doesn’t do us any good to keep hold of them. We will find ourselves much happier holding onto the pleasant things instead! Don’t let our fears and worries crowd them out.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am sure that you know what the quotes will center around today. Love and Friendship! I am so grateful for the love of my husband and family and the love of my friends! Couldn’t have made it this far without it! I have to add that my dear hubby has already made this a special Valentine’s Day and it’s early in the morning! I laid my head down on my pillow after saying goodbye to him. I jumped  a little for there was something crinkly, it was a package and a card 🙂 A very nice way to wake up! I hope that all of you can have a delightful Valentine’s Day! Celebrate the love of your family and friends!! ❤ ❤ ❤


1These are words to live by because to often it becomes far to easy to say, "I love you". Without showing love those 3 little words begin to lose their meaning because there is no effort put forward to show that love you claim you feel for the other.:

2.that's a fact..Ever want to know what's on my mind? just listen to the lyrics of the songs I'm listening to.:

3.Wuthering Heights.. There's nothing better than a passionate man in love..:

4.@jasminetipper  @xxpearlxx:

5.Hugs are one of the best reasons God gave us arms.: Hugs are the Best!

6."I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you.":

7.Top 30 Cute Friendship Quotes #friendship #quotes:

8.I like you a lottle! Its like a little, except a lot. <3:



Your Turn

Good Morning my wonderful readers! Yesterday I was thinking about my Valentine’s Story with Dewey and his friends and the grand adventure that was promised to them. I thought I would put a twist into the story.

Colin and I have written many stories about these unique , crazy characters.   All of you have been so faithful in reading them, but you haven’t had much input as to what happens with them. So today is your lucky day! How would you like to give an idea for the  grand adventure that they are going to have. Where would you like to see them go? What would you like to see them do? Should they all have a great time on the adventure or should someone perhaps run into some mishaps?

I know that creativity lies in you as well and am guessing that you can think of something. Here is your chance to play an important role in the Dewey stories. 🙂 Leave your ideas in the comments below! Don’t be shy! Feel free to leave more than 1 idea if you can’t decide which one. Have fun with it, there are  no wrong answers!  🙂

Valentine’s Day at Moonbeam Farm

It had snowed overnight and the friends woke up to  a Winter Wonderland. They had all enjoyed playing in the snow. Dewey and Jaxon just had to be careful not to get buried in the deep drifts!

Dusk had fallen and everyone was gathered in the barn to announce their Valentine gifts to each other. Well, almost everybody, Dewey still wasn’t there. Odessa was getting slightly impatient . “Where is that cat?” she said , to no one in particular. At that time the door squeaked loudly, announcing Dewey’s arrival.

To distract the others from the fact that he was late, he turned to the Man-Servant and said, ” I don’t want to be a pain, but my pillows were not as fluffy as they should be. Plus I thought you had oiled the door, like I had asked  you to.” The Man-Servant responded that he had oiled it, just as Dewey had requested. Odessa said, “Well it obviously didn’t work now, did it?” Odessa gave a little smile, as she said, ” But now is not the time to give the Man-Servant a hard time, plenty time for that later. Now is the time to  tell about our Valentine gifts. Jaxon why don’t you start it off.”

Jaxon told them that he had decided to let each of them pick one  wish. His Valentine to them would be to use his magic powers and grant their wish. He did remind them though that he did have limits of what he could do. They were all excited and started thinking right away.

Odessa  chose to chime in, for she could wait no longer to announce her gifts for everyone. I am going to take each of you hunting with me and will share half of what I find. You all really need to taste a shrew. Jaxon and Dewey got all excited , but the man-servant looked a little worried. “What is wrong man-servant, you don’t like my gift?” Before he could respond Odessa started laughing. “I know,  you humans don’t care for the really good food!  How would you like to go flying again with me?  Remember when I took you to the big pile of leaves in the woods? We won’t talk about what happened next.” Odessa and the man-servant both turned their eyes on Dewey and Jaxon. Dewey and Jaxon both looked down as they tried to hide their smiles. The man-servant was elated at going on another ride with Odessa. Not just anyone gets a special ride by an owl.

Dewey was happy to tell Jaxon and Odessa that for a whole day he would let them decide what to do. Dewey would do whatever they said. Jaxon rubbed his paws with delight and a gleam in his eye. “Don’t make me regret this Jaxon!” Jaxon and Odessa chuckled, making Dewey think that he may regret it already.

The man-servant asked if he could have a day like that as well. Dewey said no, that knowing  the man-servant like he did, he would probably  make Dewey go on the magic wheel again.  “Don’t worry man-servant , you will like your gift. You get a whole 2 days off! You don’t have to fluff my pillows or do the dishes. Sounds good, eh?” The man-servant had to agree that Dewey was right, sounded very good.

“Well who is hungry?” They all perked up their ears at this, especially Dewey. The man-servant announced that he had prepared a special feast for his wonderful friends! He told them that he was so thankful for them. He said how lonely and dull life would be  on the farm without them. They all agreed with him on that! He then announced that he had a very special adventure planned for them all.”

“Oh what is it?”asked Dewey, with much curiosity. The man-servant smiled and said, ” Patience my friend, patience!”


Counting Down….

10, 9, 8…weeks to go! 8 weeks until my family and I stand strong, as we enter through courtroom doors. I am not counting the days, hours and minutes yet, but feeling that the time will come before I know it.

8 weeks to go until my heart is worn on my sleeve as I take the stand and testify. This is not Judge Judy’s court room, this is not about something small. I’m fighting for my daughter and her innocence that was stolen. I’m taking a stand for all the other children that are out there and hurting, that have no one to be their voice.

One out of every 10 children will be sexually abused before the age of 18. My husband and I want to send out the message that this is horrible and needs stopped. Can we stop it? NO, but we can make it loud and clear that we won’t tolerate it! We can show up in court in 8 weeks to fight for justice and we will! We may have knocking knees and a racing heart, but we will be there. We will be there , because we love our children. We will fight for them no matter what.

In 90% of sexual abuse cases the child knows the perpetrator! Yes, that is staggering to think about, but the message really needs to be heard! We hear about stranger danger all the time, it is preached to our children at school. Our children do need to learn about being wise around strangers, that is true. But our children need to know that its not only bad touches from a stranger that is wrong!

No matter the relationship you have with an adult, if they give you bad touches, it is wrong! It doesn’t matter if it is a relative or close friends, the neighbor or your teacher. No matter who it is, it is never right!

Our children need to be taught to not be afraid to tell us.  Our children need to know that even if the perpetrator is someone that Mommy and Daddy really like that we still will believe them. Only between 4-6% of child sexual abuse cases are fabricated. This is not something children lie about. They are much more likely to stay secretive about it, because they are scared, ashamed, and the list goes on. A lot of times they are threatened not to tell.  They are much more likely to act out in different ways trying to get the message out to you without actually saying it. We as parents need to be tuned in to that. Tuned into our child’s behavior and noticing when it is different than normal. We still may not see the signs, we are not perfect, but we need to be aware.

Here are some signs that can be displayed most often in younger children:.

    • Has nightmares or other sleep problems without an explanation
    • Seems distracted or distant at odd times
    • Has a sudden change in eating habits
    • Refuses to eat
    • Loses or drastically increases appetite
    • Has trouble swallowing
    • Sudden mood swings: rage, fear, insecurity, or withdrawal
    • Leaves “clues” that seem likely to provoke a discussion about sexual issues
    • Develops new or unusual fear of certain people or places
    • Refuses to talk about a secret shared with an adult or older child
    • Writes, draws, plays, or dreams of sexual or frightening images


  • Thinks of self or body as repulsive, dirty, or bad
  • Exhibits adult-like sexual behaviors, language, and knowledge

Here are signs exhibited in adolescents and teens:


  • Self-injury (cutting, burning)
  • Inadequate personal hygiene
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Running away from home
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Suicide attempts
  • Fear of intimacy or closeness
  • Compulsive eating or dieting

This is not saying that if your child exhibits any of these signs that sexual abuse is the reason! There can definitely be  other things going on. This is only to make you aware of signs of possible abuse. Please don’t put blinders on and think that it can never happen to your child. This is real life. We are far from living in a picture perfect world! We also cannot believe that we can always protect our children. Unfortunately we can’t, no matter how hard we try. It’s just a fact. An ugly one, but a real one!

These are all ugly facts that I talked about in this post. I would have much preferred writing a cheerier post, but this is my reality now. Yes I could keep this ugly fact hidden in the closet, but who would that help? I have been told to be real. For in being real maybe I can touch another hurting soul. Isn’t that what life should be about? Reaching out to others with a caring heart. Reaching out to others who may feel so alone by saying, “me too”. I feel your pain, your guilt, your fear, I am here.

8 weeks until our day in court comes. It was about a year and a half ago when I was told that I needed to “just walk away!” That I needed to just let go of the words that poured out of my daughter’s heart. In 8 weeks I will face the one who dared to say that to me. He will see that there is no way that a Mother Bear just walks away!


Friday’s 6 word story plus a Bonus Feature!

The End isn’t always the end….

You thought Part 12 to Odessa’s Journey was the end, didn’t you?  Odessa wanted to pop her head in one more time. After all she is a star now, after having made such a big journey!  Enjoy the interview that she gives Colin. 🙂

Interview with Odessa (after “Odessa’s Journey” was Posted):

Colin: Welcome Odessa and thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me to chat about the epic story “Odessa’s Journey”.

Odessa: No problem Colin. I had a great time, and I totally trusted that you would ensure no harm came to me.

Colin: Once you knew that I was having you leave the farm, what did you think?

Odessa: Well I had no idea what to think because I had not seen the later parts of the story. In fact, I don’t think that you had written beyond Parts 4 or 5 at that time!

Colin: I thought it a nice idea to have Hermione bid you farewell before you took flight over the big water.

Odessa: Yes that was nice. I really like Hermione and her Mom but then… they are owls too!

Colin: How did you feel about being written into a flight over the big water, when nobody knew how big it was?

Odessa: Well it was a scary thought at first but, again, I just had to trust that you would keep me safe.

Colin: Towards the end of you first flight over the big water, things were getting pretty desperate towards the end of Part 5 weren’t they. What were you thinking then?

Odessa: At the time that I was struggling to stay in the air, I was a little worried as to how you were going to keep me from hitting the water, but I saw what you wrote at the end of Part 5 and so could relax!

Colin: What did you think about the idea of bringing your Mom into the story to save you from crashing into the water?

Odessa: Oh that was lovely. As I never knew my Mom in the traditional sense, it was so nice to meet her if only in spirit. I was rather surprised, when I read the story, that my Dad had no place in it. What happened there?

Colin: Good point Odessa, and it was pure oversight! When the story was finished, and most of it had been Posted in Carolyn’s Blog, I realized that I had missed an opportunity to expand the story further. However, perhaps I can write your Dad into a future story. Any thoughts about your return journey that you would like to share?

Odessa: Well yes. You could have gone into a lot more detail. You could have included me seeing Florence coming towards me and taking my weight as she tried to fly me home. You could have described us falling into the water from my perspective, and then how I saw little Hermione coming up and how she tried to keep us afloat. You could have covered me seeing the boat getting ever closer and then hearing Dewey and Jaxon and, finally, how the Man-Servant pulled me and Florence out of the water. You really did miss out on lots of points of interest and, after all, you did call this Odessa’s Journey so I would have assumed that I would figure in it all!

Colin: You make some good points Odessa, but the thing is, Carolyn was being a bit of a pain always wanting to know when it was going to end, so I tried to compromise between writing a good story, but keeping it as condensed as possible. Perhaps next time, I won’t say anything until it is completely done. How about the reunion at the farm Odessa? Did you like it?

Odessa: I was so relieved when I saw what you had written in those last two parts. Anything was possible of course, but I really wanted to be back in the farmhouse, and later go back to the barn with Jaxon. Oh… before I forget… thanks so much for letting me challenge the Man-Servant again. I love doing that! I love giving him a hard-time!

Colin: Well Odessa, it was a pleasure, and a little unusual, to be talking to a character in a book… and a Barn Owl at that, but I enjoyed hearing your views on the story.

Odessa: No problem Colin. It was a little unusual for me too, given that you not only orchestrated me through my whole journey, but you also wrote this complete interview. It was my pleasure to be your owl in the story!

When There Are No Words!

This came out of my broken heart after talking with a dear friend one night. There are times when you run out of words to say and you let the silence speak.

This is just a majestic and beautiful photo! The colors of the ocean with the bland neutral color of the sand and sky help creat a serenity of relaxation!:

Come away with me, my dear friend. Let us run to the ocean. Where we can let the roar of the waves try to overpower the roar of the pain in our  hearts. Let us go where you can shout ,”WHY”, into the sky and scream as loud as you  need. Where on the sand, you can fall on  your knees.

Let us run away to the ocean, where I can hold you and let you cry. Where you can let your shoulders sag. Take a pause, and stop feeling like you have to be so strong.  Let your tears fill the ocean and watch the waves carry them away. Oh, my dear friend, let us go!

Let us go and walk along the water; not thinking about the future. No, let us think of the  past, when we were young, and life was so carefree! Let us walk in silence, knowing that sometimes there are just no words.

My friend, let us run away to the ocean,  and let the waves mesmerize and soothe our souls. Let us stand in the water, letting the waves splash our face wiping away the tears.

Life is hard my very special friend, and there are times that we just don’t understand. Times when things happen that can’t be explained.

Let us run to the ocean. Let us go where  the waves go on forever. The waves continue come rain or shine, and so will my love for you. We will face the battering waves together; if you slip under I will be there to lift you up.

Let us go to the ocean, my friend, go where no words are needed. Where we will let the waves speak.

travelingcolors:      Splash Sunrise in Delray Beach | Florida (by by Debra and Dave Vanderlaan):