The Unexpected Things!


It is another sunny, warm Spring day here. Oh wait, the calendar says it is only February! This winter is looking like it is going to be the most mild winter that we have had yet! But there is s a part of me that is expecting a blizzard to surprise us in March or April!

This mild winter has been surprising, just like life. The unexpected can happen, right out of the blue! You get a surprise phone call or email. You put your hand in your coat pocket and find some unexpected money. Or your child changes your wash to the dryer for you and finds some wet money, as they smile. You are tired and in the dark put Tooth Fairy money under your child’s pillow. You are surprised the next morning when your excited child is jumping up and down for they never got that much money from the Tooth Fairy before. No it was not a one dollar bill that you put under the pillow! Oh yes, surprises can happen!

You are on a flight from London back to the USA and the person sitting besides you turns out to be from a smallΒ  town within 20 minutes of where you live! What are the odds? They weren’t forecasting rain, but the day you leave your car windows open, you have a torrential downpour! You are standing in line for a concert and the person behind you hands you a free ticket, saying they had an extra one. You leave a note on someone’s car as a joke, it gets blown by the wind and lands on another car causing a chain of events to happen. Again what are the odds?

:Life is full of the unexpected. Things you can’t predict. Things that will surprise you with a smile and others that may make you groan. Little incidents that happen every day. Ones that can make your day interesting and ones that you may make you wish for a less eventful day tomorrow. Whatever the case may be, SMILE, for as one of my favorite quotes says….


Some days are just shit and tomorrow just might be too. You also might die now, ten minutes from now, or 70 years from now, so quit the self-pity and move on.:

7 thoughts on “The Unexpected Things!

  1. Indeed, surprises do happen, such as terrorizing your cellphone by slamming the van door on it not once but twice, right? Surprises like finding out you’ve been driving with an expired license for well over two years, right? Those surprises aren’t exactly distant memories, are they? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


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