A very different Post!

I am sharing a post from Colin today that touches my heart. As I have shared before, Colin and his daughter Melanie have become wonderful friends of mine. My heart goes out to her and the struggles she has in living with a brain tumor. But there are times that i can so easily forget what she is dealing with because of her amazing, upbeat attitude about life. She is an inspiration and I pray that this post can inspire you to help her out in any way that you can! Many thanks from my heart! ❤

A New Direction Perhaps?

This is a very different Post from my usual literary meanderings, as it focuses on my daughter Melanie.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumor 10 years ago and, as it was not possible to surgically remove all of it, she has had considerable chemo and radiation treatments.  Sadly, while those treatments have no doubt kept her alive, there are numerous long term side effects which dictate that she cannot perform regular work functions, and is therefore dependent on benefits from her disability provider.

When she is up to it, she uses her time volunteering for a non-profit program that coaches people who are fighting poverty.

Melanie has always been a fighter but, being unable to earn an income, she is struggling to cover her basic living costs.  When I was in N. Vancouver last October, he spirits were quite high, but she was obviously concerned about paying her monthly…

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