The Snowy Day Adventure

The Man-Servant wasn’t sure what to do. He had promised Odessa, Jaxon, and Dewey a very special adventure, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. They had went halfway through the winter with  not getting snow, but now in the last few days a lot had fallen.  It looked beautiful outside on the farm, but it wasn’t exactly good for traveling in.

Dewey had awakened from his peaceful slumber and was looking out the window. “I think we need to go out in the snow Man-Servant. I feel like throwing a snowball at someone.” Dewey said, with a sly grin. “Okay, let me grab my coat and we can go out and get Jaxon and Odessa to join us”. “Whoa, hold on!” Dewey said, with a little panic in his voice. “I didn’t mean this instant, you have not served me my breakfast yet!” The Man-Servant laughed as he went to the stove to get breakfast ready.

They soon had their stomachs full and were  bundled up as they stepped out into the beautiful snow. Odessa and Jaxon were already there  waiting on them. “Sure took you guys long enough.” The Man-Servant pointed to Dewey and said, “Well when you have to cook enough for a 12 cats, it takes awhile!”  Splat!  A snowball flew and hit the Man-Servant smack in the leg. “I don’t eat that much! ” cried Dewey,  and the snowball battle was on. It ended up with  Odessa, Jaxon and Dewey all being against the Man-Servant. The Man-Servant was better at making snowballs, but the other 3 were better at dodging them.

After awhile they all grew a little tired and laid down in the snow. They made what the Man-Servant called snow angels. Odessa’s looked the best! Odessa then had an idea. “Lets make snowmen. Jaxon and I can make one, and pointing at Dewey, she said that he could make one with the Man-Servant. Jaxon and Odessa went to the front of the farmhouse to make theirs and Dewey and the Man-Servant stayed in the back.

Dewey was all for it at first, but then he started getting tired. He was watching the Man-Servant lift the round ball of snow up for its head and placing it on the body. They already had given the snowman arms, they just needed to do its face now.  “Dewey, Please hand me the carrot stick for the snowman’s nose.” There was silence and Dewey didn’t do anything. “Dewey did you not hear me?” ” Oh, I heard you Man-Servant, you said you wanted the carrot stick.” again there was silence. “Dewey! Once again, could you please hand me the carrot stick? ” “No, I can’t.  I mean I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t. Do you understand?”

The Man-servant was shaking his head. He was  wondering how he stayed as sane as he did. “Why wouldn’t you be able to hand it to me Dewey?” “Simple, its not here,  I  ate it.  A cat needs to eat, you know. You are the one who said feeding me was like feeding 12 cats, remember!”  The Man-Servant made another snowball and Splat!

“Hey!”, said Dewey, ” I didn’t eat the black jellybeans for his eyes, they are nasty.”  “Thank you Dewey, for restraining yourself.” ” You are most welcome, oh wonderful Man- Servant, always happy to help.”

“Dare I ask if there are any  red jellybeans left for his mouth?” “Oh, is that what they were for? I thought they were for my mouth.”  “Dewey!” the Man-Servant said, with some exasperation at this point. Then Dewey handed him the red jellybeans, “Gotcha!” Dewey said, with a smile.

Dewey was looking at the snowman and said it still was missing something. “Like a carrot stick, perhaps?” was the Man-Servant’s smart reply. Dewey ignored him and told him that it needed a special hat. That it needed to wear a Tilly, like the Man-Servant wore! The Man-Servant wasn’t sure about putting his hat on top of the snowman, but a special snowman deserved a special hat. They both stood back and looked at it and agreed that the hat was the perfect  touch.

They decided to go see how Jaxon and Odessa were coming along with their snowman. Odessa was flying towards them as they were walking towards the front of the house. “Oh good, you are coming. We can’t wait to show you! Hurry!” They got to the front of the house and an amazing sight greeted them. There was no ordinary snowmen to be seen. No, there were 2 snow sculptures! Ones that looked identical to Jaxon and Odessa! Dewey and the Man-Servant were speechless as Jaxon and Odessa wore big smiles. “Never knew we were so good, did you?” quipped Odessa.  “I think the praise should actually go to Jaxon and his magic powers, am I right Jaxon?” the Man-Servant asked. Jaxon gave a sheepish grin as he said that he couldn’t resist. Dewey swatted at him, but had to admit that the snow sculptures did look amazing.

“Why don’t we all go inside for a little and get warmed up by the fire.” suggested the Man-Servant and they all agreed.

Meanwhile Dewey and the Man-Servant’s snowman started to shake a little. His right arm twitched and then the left. His head turned to the left and the right. Where did everyone go?

Everyone was inside resting by the fire with snacks. They were sharing stories with each other about some of their favorite memories. As Dewey was stretched out nibbling away, he paused from eating and said, “I am sorry Man-Servant that the planned adventure you had for us didn’t work out, but today has been fun. Sometimes you can have the best adventures in your own backyard.  Adventures don’t always need to be planned.  As long as you are surrounded by your best friends, adventures are bound to happen. There is nothing more  that you need!” They all agreed that Dewey was very right. They chatted, laughed and ate into the night. They never saw the snowman with the Man-Servant’s special hat, dancing in the moonlight.



8 thoughts on “The Snowy Day Adventure

    • Yes, sometimes the unplanned adventures are the best 🙂
      Glad you liked the dancing snowman, I had to smile to at the moonlight casting a glow on him as he danced with his magic hat 🙂 Was thinking of posting a picture of a dancing snowman in the moonlight, but Pinterest doesn’t quite have every kind of picture! :And sometimes its nice to just let your mind go. 🙂

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