The Unexpected Twist

Oh it was so hot!  They didn’t know if they would ever get used to this heat. It had almost been 2 months since they left the freezing North and ended up in Hawaii. They thought the job transfer would be nice, but were having second thoughts now. At least today was their day off work. They were at a restaurant talking about their plans for the afternoon.

“Isn’t it too hot for sightseeing?”

“That is why I think we should go  see the waterfalls. I know there is a spot where you can stand under them. That would cool us off for sure.”

“Well now standing underneath a waterfall does sound like a fun adventure,  let’s do it!”

After a delicious lunch they waved down a taxi and told the taxi driver where they wanted to go. They took a taxi, since neither of them were very good drivers. They sat back with a full stomach, excited for their adventure to begin. If they only knew how adventuresome it would become.

They were both in awe when the taxi stopped and they got out to walk closer to the Falls.  It was amazing! So much power and so beautiful. The sound of rushing water was like music to the ears. After standing for awhile enraptured by it all, they decided it was time to go under the waterfall, and be refreshed by the cool water.

“Hey, before we go stand underneath it, I would like to see the view from the very top of the falls.” Leave it to Jinx to always have the “smart” ideas, thought Jangle.

Jangle eagerly followed Jinx climbing up to the very top of the falls. “WOW! It really is an amazing view from up here!” , shouted Jinx. “Come quickly!”, he called to Jangle, who was being a little too slow. Jangle was known to fall asleep at the craziest times, mid-conversation,  and even sometimes when walking.  Jinx was prone to that as well. They really were a wacky pair.

As Jinx bent over the falls to get a better look, a big gust of wind came and blew his hat right off of his head. Oh No, that was his favorite hat! It was the only hat he knew of that had a pocket in it. He tried to quickly grab it, but …..OH NO! He was falling! Jangle tried to quickly grab his leg, but he missed his leg and started falling too. They were both going over the Falls!

Whoa! What was happening? It was like they were being blown backwards.They were being blown back to the top of the falls to where they had been standing. Before they knew it they were both on their feet again, safe and sound. They were very confused, but also filled with much relief!! They knelt down and kissed the ground and that’s when they noticed a pair of tiny feet in front of them.

“Jaxon!”, “What are you doing here?”, cried Jinx. ” Apparently I was needed to save you 2 goofballs! I just used up my magic for a whole week! But, I can’t deny that it was for a very good purpose.”

Jinx and Jangle thanked him profusely! Jaxon, who is always very polite and humble, assured them that it was no problem. He did have 1 question though. He said how he has noticed a pattern forming  since their first meeting. It appeared that they were very good at getting themselves into trouble! They really didn’t know what to say. They had to agree with him.

Jinx piped up and said, ” That is why I am so glad that we have a magical Jackalope for such a good friend!”

Jaxon laughed and said how he had to get back to the farmhouse.  Who knew what trouble the gang might be getting themselves into back there, especially if Dewey had anything to do with it. They thanked him again and watched him disappear  in a puff of smoke.

Jinx turned to Jangle to ask if he was ready to go stand safely under the waterfall now. Jangle couldn’t answer though, he had fallen asleep!


13 thoughts on “The Unexpected Twist

  1. Hahahaha, there’s a broad smile on my face right now 😁. They wanted an adventure, they sure got one! What a pair. Thank God Jaxon was around the corner. BTW Joy, wherever did you get That name from? Jinx and jangle 😂

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    • Well Meg, I was trying to save Jinx and Jangle embarrassment, but… since you asked.

      Jinx and Jangle were creating havoc at the North Pole. Santa knew he had to do something, but wasn’t sure what, for he really did have a soft spot in his heart for them. They may be Wackydoodly, but they had good hearts. So Santa thought and thought and he called around to all his connections all over the world and he found the perfect job for them.

      Here is a clue. Remember the elf from Rudolph? The one who caused havoc in Santa’s workshop. He traveled to the land the Misfit toys. He didn’t do real well at being an elf, but he was a GREAT dentist! 🙂

      Yes, all over the world dentists are needed, why not in Hawaii! There was an opening for a dentist who works with children. Jinx and Jangle make a great team, for one helps the children not be scared and keeps them laughing, while the other one works on their teeth.

      Perfect explanation, right! ( and you probably thought I didn’t have a answer) 🙂

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