Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am sure that you know what the quotes will center around today. Love and Friendship! I am so grateful for the love of my husband and family and the love of my friends! Couldn’t have made it this far without it! I have to add that my dear hubby has already made this a special Valentine’s Day and it’s early in the morning! I laid my head down on my pillow after saying goodbye to him. I jumped  a little for there was something crinkly, it was a package and a card 🙂 A very nice way to wake up! I hope that all of you can have a delightful Valentine’s Day! Celebrate the love of your family and friends!! ❤ ❤ ❤


1These are words to live by because to often it becomes far to easy to say, "I love you". Without showing love those 3 little words begin to lose their meaning because there is no effort put forward to show that love you claim you feel for the other.:

2.that's a fact..Ever want to know what's on my mind? just listen to the lyrics of the songs I'm listening to.:

3.Wuthering Heights.. There's nothing better than a passionate man in love..:

4.@jasminetipper  @xxpearlxx:

5.Hugs are one of the best reasons God gave us arms.: Hugs are the Best!

6."I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you.":

7.Top 30 Cute Friendship Quotes #friendship #quotes:

8.I like you a lottle! Its like a little, except a lot. <3:




9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. These are perfect for the occasion! I’m a few days off the mark, but I feel like good vibes like these should last all week 🙂 I got a good LOL from #4 – definitely a fun update on the traditional roses & violets! Glad you had a wonderful day ❤


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