Valentine’s Day at Moonbeam Farm

It had snowed overnight and the friends woke up to  a Winter Wonderland. They had all enjoyed playing in the snow. Dewey and Jaxon just had to be careful not to get buried in the deep drifts!

Dusk had fallen and everyone was gathered in the barn to announce their Valentine gifts to each other. Well, almost everybody, Dewey still wasn’t there. Odessa was getting slightly impatient . “Where is that cat?” she said , to no one in particular. At that time the door squeaked loudly, announcing Dewey’s arrival.

To distract the others from the fact that he was late, he turned to the Man-Servant and said, ” I don’t want to be a pain, but my pillows were not as fluffy as they should be. Plus I thought you had oiled the door, like I had asked  you to.” The Man-Servant responded that he had oiled it, just as Dewey had requested. Odessa said, “Well it obviously didn’t work now, did it?” Odessa gave a little smile, as she said, ” But now is not the time to give the Man-Servant a hard time, plenty time for that later. Now is the time to  tell about our Valentine gifts. Jaxon why don’t you start it off.”

Jaxon told them that he had decided to let each of them pick one  wish. His Valentine to them would be to use his magic powers and grant their wish. He did remind them though that he did have limits of what he could do. They were all excited and started thinking right away.

Odessa  chose to chime in, for she could wait no longer to announce her gifts for everyone. I am going to take each of you hunting with me and will share half of what I find. You all really need to taste a shrew. Jaxon and Dewey got all excited , but the man-servant looked a little worried. “What is wrong man-servant, you don’t like my gift?” Before he could respond Odessa started laughing. “I know,  you humans don’t care for the really good food!  How would you like to go flying again with me?  Remember when I took you to the big pile of leaves in the woods? We won’t talk about what happened next.” Odessa and the man-servant both turned their eyes on Dewey and Jaxon. Dewey and Jaxon both looked down as they tried to hide their smiles. The man-servant was elated at going on another ride with Odessa. Not just anyone gets a special ride by an owl.

Dewey was happy to tell Jaxon and Odessa that for a whole day he would let them decide what to do. Dewey would do whatever they said. Jaxon rubbed his paws with delight and a gleam in his eye. “Don’t make me regret this Jaxon!” Jaxon and Odessa chuckled, making Dewey think that he may regret it already.

The man-servant asked if he could have a day like that as well. Dewey said no, that knowing  the man-servant like he did, he would probably  make Dewey go on the magic wheel again.  “Don’t worry man-servant , you will like your gift. You get a whole 2 days off! You don’t have to fluff my pillows or do the dishes. Sounds good, eh?” The man-servant had to agree that Dewey was right, sounded very good.

“Well who is hungry?” They all perked up their ears at this, especially Dewey. The man-servant announced that he had prepared a special feast for his wonderful friends! He told them that he was so thankful for them. He said how lonely and dull life would be  on the farm without them. They all agreed with him on that! He then announced that he had a very special adventure planned for them all.”

“Oh what is it?”asked Dewey, with much curiosity. The man-servant smiled and said, ” Patience my friend, patience!”



11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at Moonbeam Farm

  1. A “very special adventure” planned eh! I am really curious to know what “very special adventure” the Man-Servant will come up with for a cat, a jackalope and an owl! As I am not writing this story, it is particularly interesting! A “very special adventure”…. hmmmmmmmmmm! 🙂


    • Are you a mind reader too? Maybe this will be a contest of sorts. We would have to compete against you though and that would be tough. When my kids were very young, I used to tell them stories that I would makeup as I went, but that was 35 years ago.

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