When There Are No Words!

This came out of my broken heart after talking with a dear friend one night. There are times when you run out of words to say and you let the silence speak.

This is just a majestic and beautiful photo! The colors of the ocean with the bland neutral color of the sand and sky help creat a serenity of relaxation!:

Come away with me, my dear friend. Let us run to the ocean. Where we can let the roar of the waves try to overpower the roar of the pain in our  hearts. Let us go where you can shout ,”WHY”, into the sky and scream as loud as you  need. Where on the sand, you can fall on  your knees.

Let us run away to the ocean, where I can hold you and let you cry. Where you can let your shoulders sag. Take a pause, and stop feeling like you have to be so strong.  Let your tears fill the ocean and watch the waves carry them away. Oh, my dear friend, let us go!

Let us go and walk along the water; not thinking about the future. No, let us think of the  past, when we were young, and life was so carefree! Let us walk in silence, knowing that sometimes there are just no words.

My friend, let us run away to the ocean,  and let the waves mesmerize and soothe our souls. Let us stand in the water, letting the waves splash our face wiping away the tears.

Life is hard my very special friend, and there are times that we just don’t understand. Times when things happen that can’t be explained.

Let us run to the ocean. Let us go where  the waves go on forever. The waves continue come rain or shine, and so will my love for you. We will face the battering waves together; if you slip under I will be there to lift you up.

Let us go to the ocean, my friend, go where no words are needed. Where we will let the waves speak.

travelingcolors:      Splash Sunrise in Delray Beach | Florida (by by Debra and Dave Vanderlaan):

49 thoughts on “When There Are No Words!

      • You are so kind, Jodi. It wasn’t as much doubting, as putting out there something so personal. Something that makes you feel a little more vulnerable. All about being “real”, Something that you and Colin may have encouraged me to be a few times, with my posts. 🙂

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        • Carolyn – Listen up! Anybody with an imagination can write creatively, but it takes a special person to expose themselves in public. It takes somebody who accepts the imperfections of being human, to be able to show their own imperfections. We can all hide behind fiction if we so desire, but it takes considerable self-confidence and inner-strength to show your personal side to the world.

          We should never be afraid of criticism, because it is a reality born from different perspectives, and that is fine. We should never be afraid of negativity because, again, it is simply born from different perspectives. We should never be afraid of causing displeasure, because we have no control over the thoughts of others.

          If we write honestly and sensitively, then the readers must take full responsibility for their own reactions. You are never going to please everybody, so it is futile trying, but please keep writing honestly because people need to know who you are. When they read of the your life challenges, many will relate to their own and, if you can achieve that level of personal communication, then (from my perspective) you are way ahead of any writer of fiction! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for your kind words!
      I wasn’t sure if this post would speak to others or just to me and the friend I wrote it for. In reading the comments that question has been answered. So glad I could help soothe your heart.

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  1. This is what I wrote but didn’t post at almost 1 this morning.
    You know those ugly cries where your eyes get all puffy, red and dry. The ones where it feels like someone just shoved 3 cotton balls up your nose and you can hardly breathe. The ones that just when you feel like all tears have been shed, more follow. Where the pain is so deep you feel like it’s ripping you apart.
    I hate those cries, they expose the pain I don’t want to feel, they bring back the voices that scream you’ll never be good enough, no one will ever really love you, you’ll always be invisible, you don’t matter … they make me vulnerable and I can’t be vulnerable. I have to be strong and tough, people need me, if I fall apart everything else will fall apart too. If I cry then it means I’m weak and a failure.
    You know what’s funny if you cry one of those ugly, red, dry, puffy eyes, nose so stuffed up you can’t breathe cries, I don’t see you as weak. I see you as hurting so badly you just couldn’t hold the pain back any longer. I see you in need of comfort.

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  2. What a gift to your friend — I am sure she will cherish it always! And you’ll never know how many others you touched with this post. Even though being real can feel scary and vulnerable, it holds power, just like in the fantasy stories where the wizard gains mastery when he discovers his true name. Stay real. 🙂

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  3. Wow. It’s like you’ve said what I couldn’t put into words. One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer after never smoking a day In her life. After retiring from the school system she planned to be a fun, red hat old lady as the years pass. We planned to travel now that we have grown kids and less responsibility. Now instead she’s fighting for her life and suffering the side effects. Only able to travel back and forth to treatment. Our hearts are broken and there are no words. You, however, gave me some. Thank you. You’ll never know how much this touched me. I plan to share it with her and her family.

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