Odessa’s Journey – Part 12 (Epilogue)

Today is the final day of Odessa’s Journey.  Do you need tissues?  You may  want them for this tender epilogue. Thanks again to Colin for bringing us a daring, sentimental journey that kept us on the edge of our seats. Is this really the end? Perhaps, you know with Colin you never can tell.  🙂

Odessa’s Journey – Part 12 (Epilogue)

The Man-Servant turned to Odessa. “Can I ask you a question?” Odessa just looked at him and rolled her eyes. “You are asking me if you can ask me a question? I have no idea whether you can or cannot, but you are the only one who would really know!” The Man-Servant smiled “Okay Odessa, I want to ask you a question.” Odessa looked at him again “I have no doubt you do, but I can’t do anything about it. It’s your question to ask!” The Man-Servant chuckled to himself and thought “Odessa is back. I’ve really missed her!”

“Well” said the Man-Servant “What did you learn from your little adventure?” Odessa looked very thoughtful. “I learned so much” she said “I learned that I still have my family in my heart, even though they are not here. I learned that I was very lucky to have escaped that rock fall when I was so little. I learned that there is a power which I do not understand, but which allowed my Mom to take care of me when things were looking really bad. I learned that I have more strength available to me than I ever thought possible. I learned that being a true friend will get you true friends.” She then looked at Hermione and Florence, who were getting ready to leave. “Thank you so much guys for everything you did. I shall never forget you.” Florence looked at Odessa “Nor we you Odessa!”

After Hermione and Florence had gone, Odessa looked at the others. “I am so happy to be back on the farm” she said “Dewey, you are a typical cat who thinks of your stomach before anything else, and who treats the farm like it is your private hotel. But that is how cats are, and I missed you. Jaxon, I really missed you and our late night chats in the barn. You are one very special Jackalope. As for you Man-Servant… well as humans go, you are tolerable! I know that you will always be confused by your own language but that’s okay. I don’t mind correcting you. I must tell you though that you are the glue that holds this farm together for all of us. I really missed the atmosphere here so thank you Man-Servant for just being you, and for bringing your tractor to the big water.  It made getting us all back here so much easier!”

The Man-Servant looked back at Odessa. “Thank you Odessa, but tell me. Did you find yourself? Do you know who you are now?” Odessa said “Yes. Not quite the way I expected, but yes! I don’t know exactly what I am supposed to be doing, but I do know that this is where I am supposed to be, and other questions I have will be answered when they need to be answered.”

Odessa and Jaxon then decided to head back to the barn but, just as they were going out through the farmhouse door, Odessa turned around to face the Man-Servant. “By the way” she said “Out of all the confused humans in the world, I really am glad to know you, even if it is like living with a student of English that I can hopefully educate to communicate more effectively. You will be constantly reminding me of how not to speak, and I will be able to refine my use of your language!”

The Man-Servant couldn’t help but smile as they headed off across the yard towards the barn. Just as they entered the barn, he heard them laughing. It was so good to see them together again. He turned to ask Dewey how he felt now that Odessa was back, but he was curled up on his cushions in front of the fire and in a deep sleep. The Man-Servant just looked at him for a moment; tip-toed over to the door and turned the lights off, and then went upstairs to his bed. He went to sleep with a big smile on his face that night.

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