Odessa’s Journey – Part 11

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Odessa’s Journey – Part 11

They were all sitting in the boat, staring ahead, as it forged its way through the waves. Nobody said anything. Everybody was totally focused on the empty sky, and just hoping that perhaps they would soon see something! It was Dewey who saw her first. “There she is!” he cried. “It’s Florence and she has got something between her feet!” Jaxon ran to the front of the boat. “I can see her too!” he said. “Oh… it does not look good. She is only just above the waves and is moving from side to side a lot. Can’t we go any faster?”

The closer they got to Florence, the more excited Jaxon became, and then he suddenly started jumping up and down! “She’s got Odessa” he shouted “She’s got Odessa between her feet!” Everybody was so excited but then, a wave must have caught Odessa because Florence lurched sideways and went down into the water! Hermione shouted “They’re in the water! We must get them out because owls do not float very well!”

Hermione suddenly took flight and headed as fast as she could to where Florence and Odessa went down. It only took her a few minutes to reach them, and then she grabbed hold of her Mom with her claws and tried to pull them both up out of the water by flapping her wings as hard as she could.

The Man-Servant steered the boat towards them and was wishing that it would go faster. He knew it was going as fast as it good, but it was taking so long to cover the distance. He could see what Hermione was trying to do, but how long could she last? Just how long could Odessa and Florence survive in the water?

With Jaxon and Dewey in the front of the boat, and the Man-Servant in the back steering to where Hermione was hovering, it was a few minutes later that the motor was shut down, and the Man-Servant was pulling both Florence and Odessa out of the water. Hermione quickly flew into the boat and watched.

He placed them together, in the bottom of the boat, and took off his jacket which he then laid over them both. He then turned to Jaxon.  “Can you ask Hermione if she is strong enough to fly? We should get these two back to the farm as soon as possible, and it would be a great help if Hermione could fly ahead and guide me to where we left the tractor!”

It was not long before they could see the tractor on the beach, and soon they were there. The Man-Servant picked up Odessa and put her in the tractor’s bucket, while Hermione was trying to talk to Florence who seemed to be alert, but clearly very tired. Jaxon and Dewey stepped into the bucket and kept Odessa as warm as they could. The Man-Servant went over to Florence and gently picked her up, and put her in the bucket after which Hermione also stepped in. The tractor was started and they all had a rather bouncy ride back across the fields and to the farmhouse where everybody went inside where it was lovely and warm.

Odessa and Florence were placed together on a rug in front of the fireplace, while the others just sat around and watched them slowly recover from their ordeal. It was not long before Florence was moving around and, shortly after that, Odessa stood up and looked around. She was a little shaky, but seemed to be fine and was obviously pleased to be back at the farm. The Man-Servant brought out lots of different food and everybody ate as if they hadn’t eaten for days!


7 thoughts on “Odessa’s Journey – Part 11

  1. Glad Odessa is okay thanks to a group effort. I only wonder why the man servant used a tractor to get to the ocean. That would be so slow, no wonder Odessa is half-dead. An old farm truck might have been a bit faster. Sorry not trying to be rude just thinking as I type. I like this story, it would make a great book altogether!


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