Odessa’s Journey – Part 10

Another day….and the suspense keeps growing! I have to say that I been impressed with the patience all of you have shown through Odessa’s Epic Journey. It is about to be rewarded soon. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

Odessa’s Journey – Part 10

This went on for almost another hour, when Dewey’s ears suddenly went very erect. He then started to jump up and down, so much that the Man-Servant had to ask him what he was doing. “I can hear large wings beating the air” he said “and it’s slowly getting louder. You should be able to hear it soon! Perhaps it’s Odessa!”

They all focused as hard as they could on the sky ahead of the boat, when Jaxon suddenly shouted out “I can see a bird flying just above the waves!” Dewey and the Man-Servant were so excited as they looked as hard as they could where Jaxon was pointing. Suddenly Jaxon looked disheartened. “What’s wrong?” said the Man-Servant. Jaxon slowly turned to face him “It’s Hermione” he said. ”And she is on her own!”

“Keep looking Jaxon” said the Man-Servant “Perhaps Florence and Odessa are behind her?” Jaxon just shook his head. “No Man-Servant. Hermione is alone.” Hermione landed in the boat and was quite exhausted. After a few minutes, Jaxon went over to her. “How are you feeling Hermione?” he said. Hermione just looked at him. “They’re out there somewhere Jaxon, I know they are. Let me rest awhile longer, and then I’ll go out again. Please ask the Man-Servant to keep this boat going in the same direction, and as fast as it can go.”


It was not long before Hermione once again took flight, but this time she climbed as high as she could and, like before, was soon out of sight. Again, Jaxon, Dewey and the Man-Servant bounced around in the boat as it went as fast as it could through the waves. They all shared a common feeling of helplessness, knowing that a crisis was probably in progress somewhere ahead of them, but there was nothing they could do.

It seemed like so much time had passed when Jaxon suddenly became excited again. “It’s Hermione!” he said “She is on her own again, but seems to be in a real hurry!” Hermione was in a dive down to the boat and landed rather heavily on the Man-Servant’s lap.

The Man-Servant was caught by surprise and was rubbing the top of his right leg where one of Hermione’s claws had made contact, when Jaxon excitedly jumped up and onto the Man-Servant’s shoulder and then down to where Hermione was now sitting. The Man-Servant was now rubbing his leg and his shoulder. Dewey was asleep on the floor of the boat when all this happened, but the activity woke him up. Not wishing to miss out on anything, and as he was feeling really tired, Dewey climbed up the Man-Servant’s left leg so he could join in on whatever was going on!

While the Man-Servant was trying to soothe all the sudden punctures and scratches that he had just received, Hermione had been talking very urgently with Jaxon. Jaxon suddenly stood up. “Hermione saw her Mom a long way off, but then had to turn around to come back to our boat. She was starting to feel tired and didn’t think it was a good idea to go any further. She is not sure whether Odessa is with her, but it did not look likely however, she wants us to keep going as fast as possible and keep looking ahead for any signs of movement in the sky.”


13 thoughts on “Odessa’s Journey – Part 10

  1. Just imagine – Odessa is fighting to stay above the waves somewhere ahead of them. Florence is out there hoping to find Odessa and help her back if necessary. Hermione is looking for both of therm so that she can guide the boat to wherever they are, and Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant are in a small open boat which is pounding the waves as it heads in the direction of Hermione’s flight! 🙂

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  2. Is Mr Colin teasing, or is the grand finale actually coming? What could happen to delay the conclusion? The boat hitting a floating log that dumps everyone into the lake? Dewey loves to swim, right?

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    • Well you never know with Colin! You learn to expect the unexpected 🙂
      BUT… I am pretty sure that I reminded him of something that I obviously have to remind you of! No, Dewey Does NOT like water! I don’t think the others would be very happy either! 🙂

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