Odessa’s Journey – Part 9

You are another day closer to the end! Things may look bleak right now for  Odessa and her friends, but you never know. Something good could be just around the corner, or things could get worse!! Guess you will  have to keep reading to find out. Have a Great Day! 🙂

Odessa’s Journey – Part 9

The Man-Servant, Jaxon, Dewey and Hermione were just staring out over the big water when they heard a whoosh whoosh sound and a Barn Owl, much larger than Hermione, landed in the bucket on the front of the tractor. The Man-Servant looked at her for a moment, and then said “Are you Florence? Hermione’s Mom?” She just turned and looked at Jaxon. Jaxon explained what the Man-Servant had said, and then told him and Dewey that indeed this was Florence. Hermione had told her what was happening and she thought that she could help.

Dewey looked at Jaxon “How can she be of any help? Does she know where Odessa is?” Jaxon replied “No, but owls have extremely sensitive hearing, and she believes that she would be able to hear the sounds of Odessa’s wings beating the air long before any of us could see anything. Florence then called Jaxon over and the two of them had a lengthy conversation after which she took flight and headed very low over the lake and into the night.

“Where’s she going?” said the Man-Servant. Jaxon explained about Florence’s hearing abilities, and then explained that Florence came up with a good plan. Rather than wait until she heard something, she thought it better if she went off in the general direction that they expected Odessa to come from, and listen for any sounds of a large flying bird. In the event that she did hear sounds of Odessa, she could then both meet her and help her back or, if the sounds were too far away, she could return to the beach and at least tell everybody exactly where she was.  After a brief rest, she and Hermione could possibly even go back out and then help Odessa as she would then be so much closer.

After quite a few hours, and as the light from the rising sun appeared on the horizon, the Man-Servant, Jaxon and Dewey were getting a little apprehensive. Florence should surely have returned by now. Jaxon went over to Hermione who just seemed to be staring at the waves. “Hermione” he said “Should we be getting concerned about your Mom?” Hermione turned her head and looked at him. “My Mom is a very strong flyer, but yes, we should be concerned. I would have expected her back, with or without Odessa, by now.”

The Man-Servant was feeling quite desperate and helpless, but then he saw a small dinghy with an outboard motor further down the beach. He quickly turned to Dewey, Jaxon and Hermione and said “Into that boat! Quick!” As the three of them got into the boat, the Man-Servant pushed it into the water; started the motor, and then steered it in the direction that Florence was last seen.

Hermione was looking a little uncomfortable as the boat pushed its way through the water. She suddenly turned to Jaxon who was sitting next to her and said “Perhaps I should fly ahead of the boat? I can fly faster than this boat is going, and if I see either Odessa or my Mom, I can come back and tell you!” The Man-Servant thought that having Hermione scouting out ahead of them made a lot of sense, and so she took flight and within a few minutes was out of sight.

Time seemed to be passing very slowly as Jaxon, Dewey, and the Man-Servant… waited… and waited… and waited. Their boat was bouncing up and down, and traveling at full speed, with waves breaking over the bow, but the signs that they were looking for were not to be seen. There was no sign of Florence. There was no sign of Odessa, and now Hermione had been gone for well over an hour. They all just stared at the waves and the sky ahead of them as the boat surged through one wave after another, but it seemed hopeless. The sky in front of them was empty.


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