Odessa’s Journey – Part 8

Good Morning! It has been a week of suspenseful excitement with Odessa and her journey. A week of having heart strings tugged as some of us can identify with this journey Odessa has to make. We also feel for her friends left behind, the sentimental side of them comes out.

Our curiosity is heightened at how it will all end and we are getting closer to knowing. I may be a little closer than all of you, had some nice surprises last night, but  I still don’t know how it ends! This may be my blog, but that doesn’t guarantee that I know what is going on! This week proved that 🙂 Enjoy another step in the journey!

Odessa’s Journey

Life at the farm was never the same after Odessa left. Part of it was they simply missed her constant very literal understanding of their questions, and the inevitable reprimands. They also missed her general attitude, but most of all they just missed not having her around, and of course they were worried about her.

Many days after she had gone, the Man-Servant, Jaxon and Dewey were in the farmhouse early one evening when the Man-Servant suddenly said out loud “Okay guys! We think of ourselves as adventurers, so let us be adventurers.” Jaxon looked at him “It will be odd having an adventure without Odessa” “It certainly will” said the Man-Servant. “Our adventure will be to find Odessa!”

Dewey looked at him “Do you have a plan?” The Man-Servant looked at Dewey and then Jaxon, and then said “Listen. We know which way Odessa flew from here and, more importantly, Hermione knows exactly where Odessa took off from in order to cross the big water. Jaxon, can you get in touch with Hermione somehow and arrange for us all to meet where she last saw her?” Jaxon smiled “That’s no problem for a Jackalope. When do we start our adventure?” The Man-Servant smiled at Jaxon “As soon as it gets light tomorrow, when you can tell us where we are meeting Hermione!” Jaxon was clearly excited “I’ll be back as soon as I can” he said and hopped out of the farmhouse. The Man-Servant smiled as he watched Jaxon disappear across the field.

Dewey was very quiet during all this, and so the Man-Servant sat on the floor next to him. “You don’t seem very excited about our new adventure Dewey.” Dewey looked up at him. “Well… this is very difficult for cat to admit to, but I really, really, miss having Odessa around!” The Man-Servant looked at him. “Well we all miss Odessa, but why aren’t you excited about our adventure to find her?” Dewey looked away for a moment “Well it’s like this” he said “We don’t know exactly where she went. We don’t know whether she is still alive. We don’t know whether she wants to come back. We don’t know whether she is able to come back. There are so many things we don’t know. Does this adventure make any sense to you?”

The Man-Servant looked thoughtful for a moment. “Dewey” he said “If we try and find Odessa with the help of Hermione would you agree that there is a very slight chance that we might just find her?” Dewey replied “Very, very slight… but yes. I guess there is a very slight chance.” “Well” said the Man-Servant “If we do nothing at all, are we likely to find Odessa?” Dewey looked at him “No… of course not.” The Man-Servant looked directly at Dewey “Then we cannot find Odessa if we do nothing, but there is a very slight chance if we do try to find her.”

Dewey was just about to agree with the logic when Jaxon came rushing in. “Hey guys! Let’s go! I have talked with Hermione and she is going to meet us by the tree across the field, and then she will take us to the big water. She wants us to go now! The Man-Servant was caught up Jaxon’s excitement. “I have an idea. Because the big water is quite a long way away, let’s take the tractor. Jaxon… you go and meet Hermione and tell her we’ll be there in about 10 minutes. Dewey… you come with me and let’s get the tractor started.

The tractor started without any trouble, so the Man-Servant turned on the lights, lowered the bucket on the front to the ground, and then told Dewey to jump in! Once in, the bucket was raised, and the Man-Servant drove out of the barn and headed across the field to the tree! Dewey was looking over the edge of the bucket and shouted out when the front lights illuminated Jaxon. Jaxon was soon in the bucket as well and, with Hermione flying just ahead of them, they bounced their way across the fields until they saw her land on a stretch of sand by the big water. The Man-Servant stopped the tractor next to Hermione, who then flew up and into the bucket. She went over to Jaxon, and pointed out over the big water and into the darkness “That’s the direction that Odessa flew.” She said. “We are lucky because earlier today you couldn’t see much because of a thick mist over everything!

Dewey again looked a little concerned. “Man-Servant” he said. “You seem pretty certain that Odessa is coming back.” The Man-Servant turned to Dewey “I’ve learned a lot about Barn Owls since I met Odessa.” He said. “They do not move around too much, so I think this is just a personal adventure for her and, as you know, all adventures end up where they started… home!” Dewey smiled “I hope so!” “So do I” said the Man-servant. “So do I”


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