Odessa’s Journey – Part 7

Happy Friday! Friday is here and what normally appears on my blog on Friday’s? I couldn’t resist.

Odessa vs. the Big Water…. will she win?

At Farm reunite….FUN party with FRIENDS?

Part 10 is coming…. will answers we find?

Curious… Ask Colin… He holds the key to the mystery!         Have a Fabulous Friday!

Odessa’s Journey – Part 7

This time, Odessa planned rather better, and ate as much as she possibly could. When she took off from the beach, she circled very slowly over the rocks and wished all her family the best lives that they could possibly have in their world. She did one final circle and swooped so low over the rocks that she almost touched them. As she passed over them, anybody listening would have heard her say “Thanks again Mom. I love you all and will never forget any of you. Until we meet again, take care of each other. You will constantly be in my thoughts.”

She then powered her way high up into the sky and headed out over the big water, and soon all signs of land had disappeared. It was soon dark, but she had no choice but to continue on. After quite a few hours, she noticed the sun rising on her left. This was not right she thought. When I was coming here, I had the sun setting in front of me, and the sun rising behind me. I must have gone off course during the night. I must remember to always fly into a sunrise, and away from a sunset.

Odessa was doing very well, and a tail wind was giving her some extra speed, but soon she was starting to feel hungry and tired. She continued on through the day and into the next night, and was now being constantly reminded of how she had felt not too many days earlier.

She struggled through the night and, although she was pleased to see the sun rise directly ahead of her, she could not see any land. She decided to make a supreme effort to get as much height as possible, and then glide for as long as she could, and just possibly she will see land from such a height.

As she climbed up higher into the sky, a mist was forming over the waves below. She realised that if there was any land down there, she may not be able to see it now. She decided that as things were looking pretty desperate, she would stay with her original plan of staying as high as she could, for as long as she could.

Again the sun started setting behind her, and again she was feeling so tired and hungry. She knew that she could not stay in the air for too much longer. She knew that she was losing height despite her efforts to stay high. She thought that if perhaps she could just survive the night, she might then see some land close enough that she could reach it.

Odessa worked her tired wings as best she could throughout the whole night and into the dawn. She knew that she was very close to the water because, although the mist was covering the waves, she could hear them not too far beneath her.  As the sun rose into the sky in front of her, Odessa looked at it and wondered whether this would be the last time that she would see such a glorious sight. She then noticed that the heat from the sun was drying out the mist, and it was slowly disappearing. She soon quickly realised that the waves were only about six feet below her, and she had no strength to fly upwards. She also noticed that when looking directly ahead, there was still no land in sight!

She did the best she could at keeping her height. She found strength which she never realised that she had, and it kept her going for a few more hours but then, she just looked at the empty horizon ahead and started to wonder what else she could possibly do. “Mom?” she whispered “Are you there?” but there was no reply. “Mom?” she repeated “I don’t know what to do?” She then heard that familiar soft voice “Keep flying my precious Odessa. You must do this. You will understand why later.” Odessa resolved to keep flying until the very end, but it was now starting to get dark again!




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