Odessa’s Journey – Part 6

Good Morning my friends!  Enjoy another part to  Odessa’s exciting  story, a story that keeps you guessing!  I hope you have had fun reading these stories. Fun, even if they  make you curious each day. Fun in looking forward to what hopefully is a  HAPPY reunion of friends soon! They need to be reunited, for friends make life FUN, eh 🙂 Have a Fun day everyone!

Odessa’s Journey – Part 6

Odessa felt so warm and secure at that moment, that she went to sleep on the sand exactly where she had landed. She awoke a short time later and saw an old log just a short distance away. Normally, she would not be interested in old logs unless they made a noise which could be food, but this time she felt compelled to check it out, and she was so pleased that she did. Inside was food fit for an owl! She was not going to question how it got there, but just enjoyed this surprise and quickly started to feel the strength coming back into her body.

It was not long before she was able to fly, and her first task was to understand where she was, and where to go to next! While on the beach, she did get a feeling that there was no other place to go to, so she decided to just fly around and survey the area. Perhaps she would get some answers to her dilemma… and she certainly did!

As she took off from the beach and circled around towards the cliffs, she was aware of many large rocks piled on the sand and up against the cliff face. She felt oddly drawn to those rocks and suddenly realised that she knew exactly where she was. These were the cliffs in which she was hatched and took her first flight. Those were the rocks that broke away from the cliff as a result of a violent storm. Those were the rocks that would have killed and buried her family so many years ago. She was home!

Odessa sat on a rock and thought about her family. She never really got to know her Mom and Dad, or her three siblings. Tears fell from her eyes as she sat and remembered times long ago. How she wished that she had known her family. She would have learned so much from her Mom, and could have played with her brother and sisters, but it was not to be.  She just sat there and dreamed of what might have been.

It was a warm day and Odessa saw a nice protected area in the cliff, so she crawled in and quickly went to sleep. This time she slept for a very long time, and woke up feeling really refreshed. She decided to go over to the log, just in case there was any food still there, and what a surprise she got. There was enough for a large owl like Odessa to feast on!

She spent the rest of that day just thinking about her family, and suddenly thought about the unexplained way that she arrived here. She had been so tired that she had forgotten all about the invisible help that she had received, and which had almost certainly saved her from crashing into the water and drowning. Then she remembered that soft voice saying “Welcome back my dear sweet Odessa. Somebody gave you a lovely name!” She suddenly knew. She realised that her savior had been her Mom’s spirit. Her Mom had been watching over her during her long flight over the big water, and had saved her when she had no strength to go any further.

Odessa just looked up into sky “Thank you Mom. I love you and miss you.” There was no reply, but Odessa just knew that she had been heard. This was the reason why she had to come back here. She needed to meet her Mom now that she was at an age to appreciate her. Odessa was so happy, and she would have looked quite silly, if anybody had been watching her, as she danced around on the beach. She was so happy that she and her Mom had connected after all this time. She was so glad that she was home, or at least where her home used to be, and now felt ready to start her journey back to the farm… but first, the big water had to be crossed once again.


11 thoughts on “Odessa’s Journey – Part 6

  1. Wow. My first thought is already? Get a few days of rest first. Great stories and I’m anticipating a reunion coming. Thanks Colin and Carolyn for your entertainment. This will be a very popular, successful book.

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  2. I like that, it’s a good story and a great explanation as to who saved Odessa. She must really believe it because Odessa is nothing, if not logical so there must be a part of her which understands beyond logic or at least, brings her logic to the unexplained such as her Mom’s spirit saving her.

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