Odessa’s Journey – Part 4

Happy Tuesday everyone! Yes, it is Tuesday, and technically speaking, what do I post every Tuesday? QUOTES!  But I didn’t feel like I could keep you hanging a day longer with the way Part 3 ended yesterday. Don’t worry though, for  it wouldn’t be a Tuesday without at least some quotes, right? Enjoy the 3 below and be ready to feel that emotional tug again as you read Part 4 of Odessa’s Journey.

The Journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place. ~Native American ..*: How would a person know beforehand that the journey would be the destiny-kind? Just go on a journey when you have the chance.: Fly away:

Odessa’s Journey – Part 4

Hermione told Jaxon that she had been flying low over the fields, about five miles away, when a large shadow came over her. She looked up and saw that it was Odessa.  “Hey Hermione! Fancy seeing you this far away from home!”  Hermione then explained to Odessa that her Mom had moved nests, not long after Odessa had taken care of her when she was lost. She was however rather concerned at seeing Odessa out there. “I am still within my usual hunting range Odessa… but you’re not! Why have you left your friends at Moonbeam Farm and come so far?” Odessa apparently then dropped down so she was then flying alongside Hermione.

“Hermione” said Odessa “I wouldn’t mind some company for a while, so how about we fly together just as far as the big water. You can just see it in the distance.” Hermione explained that she agreed to stay with Odessa until they reached the big water, and then she would have to turn back.

“What are you going to do when you reach the big water?” she asked. Odessa quickly looked her directly in her eyes. “I am going to fly over it!”  Hermione said that she was horrified at the thought of Odessa flying over the big water, because nobody knew where the other side was, and owls cannot land on water! Odessa then explained that she felt driven to fly over the big water and, in fact, had a mysterious sense of familiarity about it which she really could not explain.

It was not long before they reached the edge of the big water, and they both landed on the sandy shore. As Hermione explained it to Jaxon, Odessa was very withdrawn, but not unhappy. She, however, was very saddened at the thought of Odessa flying out over the big water. “Will we ever meet again?” she asked Odessa. Odessa just looked at her. “I really don’t know Hermione, but I really do hope so. You are one very special owl. Never forget that.”

Jaxon had been interpreting Hermione’s dialogue so that Dewey and the Man-Servant would understand what was going on. The Man-Servant suddenly interrupted Jaxon. “Ask her if Odessa gave her any details of what she was doing. Where she was going? Ask her if she knows anything that might help us to find her!”

Jaxon turned to Hermione. “Did she ever try and explain to you where she was going, or what she was trying to do?” Hermione just looked at him and shook her head. “The only thing Odessa said about this situation was that she saw it as a necessary adventure, which I really did not understand. When I asked her help me to understand what she meant, she just said that she was simply following an instinct from deep within her, and that one day I would understand. Does that mean anything to you guys?”

Jaxon again explained to Dewey, and the Man-Servant, what she had said. Dewey noted that he understood instincts very well, but they were all based around food. The Man-Servant however, slowly nodded his head. “I think I understand Odessa’s situation” he said “I went through a similar thing a very long time ago. It was a very difficult time, but it all worked out well in the end. Sometimes we just have to follow our instincts. I had completely forgotten about those times of confusion!”

Hermione looked at Jaxon. “I have to leave now and get back to my nest. Is there anything else you want to ask?” Jaxon relayed her comment to Dewey and the Man-Servant. The Man-Servant said “Yes Jaxon. Please ask Hermione what Odessa was like when she took off and headed out over the big water?” Jaxon told Hermione what the Man-Servant has just said. Hermione looked very thoughtful for a moment. “You know” she said “I believe I saw a happy glint in her eyes when she took off. I think that while she was certainly very confused, and I know that she was concerned about flying over the big water, there was a kind of excitement coming from her.”

Jaxon looked at her carefully, and thanked her for coming to find them and telling them all that she knew. “One final question please Hermione?” Hermione was just going to leave, but turned to face Jaxon. “What else can I tell you?” she said. “You can tell me that Odessa will probably be fine, and that we will see her again soon?” Hermione lowered her head and just looked at the ground. “I wish I could say that Jaxon. I really do, but all I can say is that Odessa is a very strong, very smart and a very determined Barn Owl. She looked totally awesome as she powered her way so high up into the sky. She went much higher than I have ever been and, if the big water is not too big, she might just be able to ride the wind from that height and reach the other side”

With that, Hermione took off and headed over the fields and was soon out of sight. The Man-Servant quickly wiped just beneath his eyes and, turning away from Jaxon and Dewey, said “Come on guys. There’s nothing more we can do. Let’s go back to the farm.” Dewey and Jaxon looked at the Man-Servant, and then looked at each other, and they both knew that they had just seen a new side to him!


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