Odessa’s Journey – Part 3

Good Morning! Odessa’s saga continues, and will continue through this week. So many questions still to answer, and only 1 person that has the answers, but piece by piece the answers are coming. Hang in there! Your heart strings will keep getting  pulled, I can tell you that!

Odessa’s Journey – Part 3

Jaxon went over to the farmhouse the next morning and told the Man-Servant and Dewey what had happened. He also told them that Odessa had not returned.

The Man-Servant was obviously concerned. He looked at Jaxon. “I know this is a very difficult situation, but is there nothing we can do to help perhaps just a little?” Jaxon just looked at the Man-Servant. “I don’t know” he said. The Man-Servant suddenly had an idea. He remembered reading that Barn Owls are not territorial in that they do not defend their territory, but they do tend to stay within a 4km (2-1/2 miles) radius area, especially if hunting is good. He explained this to Jaxon and Dewey and suggested that they search everywhere within that range of the farm, and hopefully they would find her.

After a few days of searching the fields and looking in all the trees, and with no sign of Odessa, they returned rather sadly to the farmhouse one evening, and decided there was nothing more they could do. They just had to let Odessa do what she needed to do, and hope that one day she would return. Moonbeam Farm was a very different place now.  The Man-Servant went about his duties around the farm; Jaxon was either in the barn or just checking out the grass near the door, and even Dewey did not say too much to anybody. There were no adventures because everybody was wondering about Odessa.

One evening, as the sun was just setting over the fields, Jaxon heard the Man-Servant calling him and it seemed urgent! “Jaxon!” he heard “Where are you? I need you here now. Where are you Jaxon!?” Jaxon ran out into the yard the saw the Man-Servant just coming through the gate from the field. “What is it?” said Jaxon. The Man-Servant was gasping and bent over trying catch his breath. “Jaxon” he said “There is an owl in that tree (he pointed across the field) who seems to know me!” “It’s not Odessa is it?” said Jaxon. “No said the Man-Servant. Much smaller than Odessa!” Jaxon looked puzzled. “What makes you think it knew you?” asked Jaxon. The Man-Servant waited for a moment as he was still out of breath. “I think she was trying to talk to me, but of course I could not understand her… but I bet you could!”

Jaxon looked at the tree across the field and could hardly see it now as it was getting really dark. He was thoughtful for a moment. “Man-Servant” he said “I am not happy being out on my own when it is really dark, so how about if you and Dewey came with me?” The Man-Servant nodded and called Dewey who was sleeping in the farmhouse. The three of them then went back across the field, their way now fortunately illuminated by a full moon, and soon they were at the tree. Looking up, they saw a small owl!

Jaxon was looking very intent, and the Man-Servant noticed. “Jaxon” he said “Why are you so focused on that owl?” “Because I know her” said Jaxon “In fact we all know her! That is Hermione up there. She is the owl that Odessa took care of a long time ago.”

As they all looked up at Hermione, she flew down to a lower branch and faced them. “I have some bad news about Odessa.” She said. After Jaxon had translated that for the Man-Servant and Dewey, they all moved closer to her. She looked a little ill at ease and kept moving her weight from one foot to the other. Jaxon explained that only he could understand her, so he would tell Dewey and the Man-Servant everything that she told him.

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