Odessa’s Journey – Part 2

Here is Part 2 to Colin’s story that is really is like no other Dewey story!  Not only is this story longer than any of the others, it will pull on your heart strings more! If you  missed Part 1, here is the link..Odessa’s Journey – Part 1.

Odessa’s Journey – Part 2

The news that Odessa was leaving the farm was totally unexpected and Jaxon, Dewey and the Man-Servant just stared at her. “You are leaving the farm?” said the Man-Servant. Odessa looked directly at him. “Still can’t stop repeating obvious facts can you!” Jaxon looked at Odessa and said “Where are you going? When are you leaving?” Odessa just turned around and flew over to the door. “Will somebody open this door for me please?” The Man-Servant opened the door, and Odessa flew back into the barn.

Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant just looked at each other. What on earth was happening to Odessa? Eventually, the Man-Servant turned to Jaxon. “You are probably closer to Odessa than either me or Dewey, so how about you go over there and see if she will tell you what is going on?” Jaxon looked a little perturbed, but he then crossed the yard and disappeared through the open barn door.

The Man-Servant looked at Dewey. “Do you have any thoughts as to what is going on?” Dewey stretched out and flexed his claws. “Well Man-Servant. You, being the owner of this farm, must consider yourself to be the host and take care of your guests accordingly.” The Man-Servant looked at him. “That’s an interesting thought Dewey. Are you saying that I have overlooked something, which is why Odessa has decided to leave?” Dewey looked at him rather puzzled. “Odessa is right about humans. You do get confused so easily. No! I am not suggesting that you have neglected Odessa. I am suggesting that we usually have food around now, and I cannot see any. You are neglecting me!”

The Man-Servant went into the kitchen and prepared some food for both him and Dewey, and they both ate in silence as they contemplated the evening’s events.

When Jaxon entered the barn, he immediately went over to Odessa’s end, and saw her sitting on her roof beam. “Odessa” he called up “Can we talk?” Odessa looked down at him “You’re beginning to sound like a human. Of course we can talk, but I think what you wanted to ask was – Would I talk to you?” Jaxon just kept looking up at her. “Whatever you say Odessa. I am just concerned about you, and was wondering whether I could help in anyway. Remember I do have some magic powers!”

Odessa started pacing up and down her roof beam, and seemed to be totally pre-occupied with her thoughts, when she suddenly stopped and, for a few minutes, the barn was totally quiet. Jaxon just stared up at her in anticipation of something happening. Odessa suddenly flew down to the ground and landed right in front of him.

“Jaxon” she said. “I don’t know whether you will understand this, but I don’t know who I am anymore! I live here with you guys, but who am I? I know that I was the only survivor from my family. I know that I helped a very young owl in distress some time ago now… but who am I? Who is Odessa? What am I here for? Am I supposed to be doing something else? How do I find my purpose?”

Jaxon listened and just stared at the ground. Then he looked up at Odessa “I do understand completely” he said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have any easy answers for you as it is something that you have to work out for yourself. I am going over to my straw pile now as I am really tired. Perhaps you could explain all this to the other two tomorrow? They really are concerned”

Odessa just looked at him with her unblinking stare. “You’ve been a good friend Jaxon. Take care.” She then flew out of the barn and into the night sky. The Man-Servant was looking out of a window facing the barn and saw her fly away. The farm was very quiet that night.

16 thoughts on “Odessa’s Journey – Part 2

  1. I was very concerned about the lack of an obvious “to be continued” until I went over to read the comments on part 1 and saw this was a 10-part story – longer indeed! Those are some pretty big questions Odessa is pondering; it will be interesting to gain more insight into her personality as she travels around to find her answers.
    I do feel for the other guys though – it’s always more exciting being the one off in the world vs the ones left behind. Hopefully they’ll all have a happy reunion somewhere in the future!

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  2. Ok, I’m hooked. This may be hard for some to imagine but if a story takes too long to evolve, I’ve been known to jump to the end of the book. Then go back and read the middle if I think it’s worth it. Don’t make me do that. I’d hate to have to torture Carolyn to find out what’s going on.


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