Odessa’s Journey – Part 1

An adventure like no other and that is all I am going to say for now about Colin’s story.:)

Odessa’s Journey- Part 1

It was a lovely warm Summer evening, and the Man-Servant had invited Jaxon and Odessa to join him and Dewey in the farmhouse. This was not an unusual event as they often sat around on the floor, the evening after an adventure, when they would discuss the day and generally have many laughs at the way things usually turned out, although this time there had been no adventure!

Jaxon brushed his coat, and then went down to the other end of the barn to see if Odessa was ready to go. He looked up to the roof beam and saw her, preening herself! “Odessa!” he called up to her ”How long are you going to be?” Odessa looked down at him “I’ll meet you over at the farmhouse” she said. “I just need a bit more time.” “Okay” said Jaxon. “I’ll see you there” and went across to the farmhouse, where the Man-Servant let him in. “Where’s Odessa?” he asked Jaxon. “She’ll be here soon. She’s just doing some preening!” The Man-Servant just smiled.

Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant had been talking for some time when Dewey suddenly said “Whatever happened to Odessa?” Just at that moment, there was a tapping on the door. The Man-Servant went over and opened it, and there stood Odessa!

“What kept you?” said the Man-Servant. “Kept me? Nothing keeps Odessa!” she said rather indignantly. “We owls are very self-sufficient and independent. What kept me indeed! Have you learned nothing since you moved in with us here?” The Man-Servant thought carefully. “Well what I meant to say was why were you so late in coming here this evening?” Odessa hopped up and down and was obviously agitated. “How did you ever survive as a species? If you mean to say something, then why do you say something totally different?  How can I possibly understand you if you don’t say what you mean? Sheesh! I spend loads of time making myself presentable for all you guys and this is what happens. I get an interrogation when I arrive! You guys are impossible!”

Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant looked at each other, and then Jaxon turned to Odessa. “What’s wrong Odessa?” Odessa just stared at him with her big round eyes. “Nothing!” she replied. Then the Man-Servant sat down on the floor next to her. “Odessa” he said “You have always been a bit of an oddball, but this is quite different from your usual performance. What’s wrong?” Odessa just turned and walked over to Dewey.

 “How’s things Dewey?” she asked. Dewey looked at her for a moment. “Things are good Odessa thank you” he said cautiously “but you are not yourself today.” Odessa looked at him “Who do you think I am may I ask?” Dewey was not too sure how this conversation was going to go, and so did not reply.

Odessa just looked at him, and then rotated her head to look at Jaxon, and then turned to look at the Man-Servant. “What is wrong with all you guys? I arrive late, and go through a third degree examination. I am apparently being kept by something, and now I am not who I am! Can any of you appreciate how confusing it is for an owl to live here with you guys?”

The man-servant looked at Odessa. “Odessa” he said “Something is obviously bothering you, and we are concerned. We care about you.” Odessa went very quiet for a moment and turned to face all three of them. “I am leaving the farm” she said!


16 thoughts on “Odessa’s Journey – Part 1

      • Okay – Well Jodi. Carolyn has chosen to publish Part 1 of a 10 part story, of which she has only seen Parts 1 to 4. Nothing like gambling on somebody else’s integrity eh! Anyway, to answer your question “What is going on?” Odessa has deemed it necessary to leave the farm. If you read Part 1 again, you could well grasp that is the story so far! 🙂


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    • Yes it is!
      I may have had a word or 2 to say to Colin when he first showed me this! 🙂 Along the lines of , “What are you doing, Odessa can’t leave her friends!!!” …. But apparently Odessa had a mind of her own and didn’t listen to me and left anyway! 🙂

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