What is Exquisite to you?

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

<** "The Swan," with Yo-Yo Ma. Exquisite Cello Piece. "Le Cygne illustrates the fleeting nature of beauty, with its interpretation of the legend of the "swan song." This piece soothes and calms one.: Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque - Isfahan, Iran | Incredible Pictures: ✯ Awesome Falls - Jiuzhaigou, China @darleytravel:

These pictures and more are what came up when I typed Exquisite into the Pinterest site that I love. The pictures are beautiful and do define the dictionary term for Exquisite, but to me there is something far more Exquisite than any of these. The human heart!

posterior human heart view: It is not exactly a beautiful thing to look at, but what it is capable of is AMAZING! It can easily be broken, yet at the same time be so strong.  To me Exquisite is the true beauty of some people’s hearts! To see the love in their heart overflowing into the lives of others. True beauty goes so much deeper than what the eye can see.

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