Odessa’s Meeting

Another story from Colin, about the crazy characters that have worked their way into our hearts.

There was the familiar whoosh whoosh sound as Odessa flew down from her roof beam, and landed on the floor very close to Jaxon. “Where are the others?” she asked. Jaxon just shook his head. “I told them to be here for an important meeting at 7:00pm this evening..

Odessa paced around for a few minutes and, turning sharply to Jaxon said “Did you make it clear that I wanted this meeting?” Jaxon smiled inwardly “Of course I did” he said. Just then, the barn door squeaked open and the man-servant walked in. “What’s up guys?” he said looking from Odessa to Jaxon, and back to Odessa. Odessa just glared at him “You’re late!” she said. “Do you have no respect for other folk’s time? By the way, where’s Dewey?”

The man-servant looked around him. “I don’t see him here Odessa” and then turning to Jaxon “Have you seen Dewey?”  Jaxon shook his head. “Well” said the man-servant “I think we can conclude that Dewey is not here!” Odessa was getting a little more agitated “I know very well where he isn’t. I need to know where he is!” The man-servant smiled at Jaxon. “Well Odessa” he said “We would have to find him in order to know where he is!”

At that moment, they saw Dewey just coming around the partially open barn door. Odessa looked straight at him. “You are late for my meeting!” she said. Dewey just stretched out, flexed his claws and yawned “So?” He said to Odessa. “What’s so important about this meeting? Anyway, I‘m here now so let’s get this show on the road. I have some nocturnal hunting planned for tonight. By the way Odessa, why aren’t you out hunting now anyway? Frightened of missing your own meeting?”

Odessa didn’t blink, but just stared at Dewey “Are all cats as uncooperative as you?” she asked. Dewey stretched and yawned again. “Are all owls as demanding as you?” he said. Odessa turned her back on Dewey with a “Hurmmph!”

The man-servant decided to get things under control. “Odessa” he said “You called this meeting and we are all here. What’s up?” Odessa just looked at all three of them. “Do you know that all our adventures have been documented? Did you know that we have been monitored by Carolyn and Colin?”

All three of them looked at Odessa with puzzled faces. The man-servant spoke first. “I don’t fully understand what you are saying Odessa. Perhaps you could explain it in more detail?” Odessa did a few circles on the barn floor, and then suddenly looked agitated “Well… Carolyn is making arrangements to have our adventures published in a children’s book! How can they do that?”

Jaxon looked at her. “Well” he said “Given that they both create our adventures, I for one am not surprised and, in fact, am rather excited!” Odessa went over to Jaxon “Don’t you think that our privacy should have been considered? Don’t you think that we should have been asked first?”  The man-servant intervened. “Look Odessa…. Not only do they write our adventures, but they are also writing this discussion so whatever they decide will happen… will happen! We would not exist without them!”

Dewey stretched, flexed his claws and yawned. “So is that it then? Is there any other business?” Odessa walked over to him. “Do you understand anything that I said?” Dewey grinned “I understand perfectly Odessa. I understand that none of us would have lives without those two writers, and that includes the almighty Odessa!”

“Wait a minute” said Jaxon “That means that our adventures will make some children happy as they read about us. That means that we might become celebrities. Just think Odessa, people might want our autographs!”

The man-servant was also smiling now “Yes, our adventures will be available for anybody to read and enjoy. What a wonderful purpose we will be serving. Are you still unhappy about it Odessa?” Odessa just flew up and onto her roof beam. “I didn’t understand that  I could be a celebrity!”

Jaxon then made an announcement. “Look here guys. While you have all been going around in circles with this thing, I have been using my magic to see what else I could find out.” “What else did you find out Jaxon?” said the man-servant. “Well” said Jaxon “Our adventures are being put into a book which should be released in late Spring of this year, and will be available from major bookstores and on-line from Amazon .

The man-servant looked at Jaxon “Colin told you to say that didn’t he?” “Yes!” said Jaxon. Odessa, still up on her roof beam, turned her back on all of them. Dewey looked up at her “Odessa… you do realize that Colin just made you turn around don’t you? You really have no power to do anything. You’re just going to be an odd character in an odd book. Congratulations!”

The man-servant laughed “Yes congratulations to all of us, because we’re going to be in a book!”

“What’s the book going to be called?” asked Dewey. Jaxon had a big grin on his face “I understand that it is probably going to be Tales from a Jackalope’s Farm! Pretty cool eh!”

44 thoughts on “Odessa’s Meeting

    • Yes, it is is!
      Who would have thought that we could actually work together to make a book. Plus the fact that our jokes are what inspired a lot of the ideas in the book. What would have happened if Jaxon would have never made that cross country journey? Or if Odessa wouldn’t have had to be a spy. 🙂
      All started with a flower pot, guess I should thank you for that joke……then again….. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You guys have no idea how happy this makes me feel. Good thing there’s no one around to see me now, because there’s a weirdly too wide grin on my face right now. How amazing this is. All the best in the publishing process Joy and Colin.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yay!! I’m so happy to see this announcement – and very cleverly done I might add! 😉 I think it’s so great that these guys will get their own book. I’m also really excited that it’s potentially coming so soon! Can’t wait to get a copy 😀
    Great job to both of you Carolyn and Colin!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Meredith!!
      Yes these crazy characters deserve a book, don’t they. 🙂
      I do love how Colin had Odessa announce the Big News! He had me laughing at her “don’t you think we should have been asked first?” 🙂
      After you buy the book, feel free to stop in and I will sign it for you 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh awesome I’m so glad for both you and Colin. It’s such a good thing. Kids will love these characters. I loved the ‘Stranget Than Fiction’ moment when they realized their adventures were written for them.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m so excited! Is it out now and is the title correct? And what age range is it for? I don’t often but children’s books since I have no children,but I have nieces and nephews who would love these stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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