Who Would Have Thought?

On June 11th last year I sat down at the computer and wrote a story about a cat. A mischievous cat named Dewey. The story line about him digging up a rose bush and finding a flower pot with strange writing on  it actually came to me due to a joke. I made up Dewey in response to the joke. I really didn’t plan on there being more stories, but as it turns out what do I know!

It was a month or so later when a reader asked if there would be another Dewey story. I honestly had forgotten about him. I appreciate my readers very much, so I went ahead and wrote another one. That marked the beginning of more and more Dewey stories to come.

Who would have thought at how they would grow over the months and that they would still be coming! Dewey gained 2 awesome friends in Jaxon, a magical jackalope and in Odessa, a wise and witty owl! They all came to live on a farm and Dewey  continued to stir up mischief with the man-servant. Jaxon and Odessa soon learned to do their share of mischief as well, and of course the man-servant is FAR from innocent. The 4 jokers, the 4 Adventurers, whatever you want to call them, they grew into my heart and yours.

They grew into another person’s heart as well. Someone who agreed to write a story for me IF the man-servant and Odessa would be  let down from the tree. I do still have to chuckle at that story, being stuck in a tree swinging in a net. A good one, eh?

Well as you all have seen, this person ended up not just stopping at 1 story. Yes, Colin’s stories have added so much more to this series, for which I am grateful. Even if he forgets that cats hate water and gets poor Dewey trapped in a river. It still is fun to see what he adds to these characters personalities.  Now I am not the only one who has invisible friends talking to me, they talk to him also.

Without the support of all of you though my invisible friends would have probably stopped talking. I have enjoyed so much your comments and the interest you have taken into the series. AND NOW for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

(to be continued....) I promise I won’t hold off for long. I may even be back today. You are aware at how “to be continued” happens a lot in these series of stories. Thanks to Colin that is! I decided I had to get my “to be continued” story in there to. 🙂

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