Dreams: What are they to you?

Just beautiful...: Goodnight Moon~ 
Moon over Mt. Rundle and Two Jack Lake
Banff National Park
Alberta, Canada:

Night is falling, at least in my part of the world. When the hour gets later it will be time to close my eyes and drift away to dreamland.  What kind of dreamer are you?

Are you like my dear husband who remembers about 2 dreams since we have been married. One was of riding pink elephants through snow drifts. That could actually be fun! I guess I should mention that he was sick with a fairly high fever when he had that dream.

Or are you more like me? Once I fall asleep the dreams come and they keep coming. I usually remember at least 3 dreams each night. Sometimes it may not be 3 dreams, it can just be 1 very long dream. Sometimes they are totally bizarre, but other times they do hold meaning. Sometimes meaning for me and sometimes for others. To say that there have been times that I have been in awe of my dreams is probably an understatement.

Dreams do intrigue me. Our emotions can play out so much in our dreams. In ways that we may not realize at first. Not until we look deeper at our dreams. Do you ever take time to ponder your dreams? You may be surprised at what you find.

What do you think about dreams?  Are you more like me or my husband or in between? Do you have special dreams that have stood out to you in your life? Feel free to share below. You know me, I am curious 🙂

Whatever dreams  mean to you, I hope you have pleasant ones tonight. When you close your eyes and rest your head, may your dreams put a smile on your face.

How was your day? Did you exercise for at least 15 minutes? Did you eat healthy meals? Did you spend some time for yourself?:

22 thoughts on “Dreams: What are they to you?

    • Aww, I hope you remember happy dreams tonight! (((HUGS)))
      I do recall both. Granted sometimes the bad, scary ones are more ingrained in my mind cause of the intensity but I have awakened with a smile on my face from happy dreams. The only thing that takes away the smile is the alarm clock going off and me realizing it was just a dream. LOL!
      I have a friend who has trouble remembering dreams, so she keeps a notebook by her bed. When she awakens in the middle of the night from a dream, she writes it down in her notebook. Of course that is if she is thinking clearly enough to write it down 🙂 But it has helped her remember happy ones.
      Being on a beach and getting ready to take a sip of my tropical drink and “BUZZ” goes the clock!

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  1. When I do wake from a dream, I can usually only retain the details for a short time. Every once in a while I have one that really stays with me, though. I do remember as a child often dreaming about someone chasing me.

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  2. Oh, I’m like you. I dream like crazy. My night life is like going to the movies. The only problem is when I wake up wanting to remember it and sometimes it dissolves like a mist and I can’t grab it back. Other times, I pick up my phone and turn to my notes app. I use voice to text and talk away as fast as I can so I can read it the next morning. And what a surprise it is sometimes. It’s like playing the game Madgab trying to decipher what I must have said into the phone. They often make no sense but reading back through them (I print them out) I think they are the parts of something interesting to write. Thanks for asking.


  3. I dream quite a bit – sometimes it’s to the point where I’m actually more tired when I wake up than when I went to sleep! I started keeping a journal by the bed to record the ones I remember in the mornings and it’s been interesting to see the patterns that develop. It’s rare to have really good or bad dreams, they’re mostly just…odd.
    I did a lot of research into lucid dreaming (where you realize you’re dreaming and in some cases can control it) and noticed a definite uptick in dreams (although not control). Definitely a “be careful what you wish for” kinda thing!

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    • I identify with you!! I keep a journal to.
      Interesting enough some of my really odd dreams I can actually get something out of sometimes.
      Nope I have never been able to control my dreams.
      Well hitting the hay now hoping for good dreams 🙂 Wishing you good ones to!


  4. To think that I am only seeing this post now, late to the party as usual 😁. I dream so much, sometimes I wish I could sleep without dreaming. It could be a 30 minutes and I’d still dream and then remember it too. Sometimes, after Awakening, when I do go back to sleep, I actually continue the previous dream. Does it happen to you too?

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    • You are welcome to the party anytime 🙂
      I know what you mean about dreaming all the time, another way we are alike!
      Yes, yes about continuing the dream. But that is only with dreams that I don’t like! I never continue the dreams where I am on the beach, or doing something else fun. Do you continue the good ones?
      So have you had dreams that you have been real meaningful to you?


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