A Matter of Perspective…..

GFunny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 20 Pics: I opened two gifts this morning:

Good Morning! It is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? We can be thinking about how much we want to stay sleeping or we can be thankful for another day that we can open our eyes. Looking forward to what we things we can SEE today! Which perspective will you have today?

This dog is choosing a different perspective as well. So when you look at the picture below, do you think of yourself or your friend? The “Limited Edition” is a nicer way to look at things isn’t it. Or you could say that your friend is weird AND that it is a good thing that they are a limited edition. 🙂 See, aren’t you glad you are awake!  Think of the good news you can share with some people.

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The Cat’s perspective is to admit he is weird and be glad of it!

Super funny animal pictures with captions:

Now that you had some smiles go out and have a wonderful day! And remember your perspective can change everything. I leave you with this little story. My friend’s son got a kiss on the cheek from his Grandma when she went to leave. He immediately took his hand to his face and started rubbing his cheek. His Grandma said, ” Oh you are rubbing my kiss away!”, His response, ” No I rubbed it in so that I can keep it forever!”

4 thoughts on “A Matter of Perspective…..

  1. I have to go with dog one. My old dog did the same thing. Dogs are hilarious and limited edition is a great way to say weird, personality or other wise.


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