Happiness is…

Good Morning! For me right now Happiness would be crawling back into my warm, comfy bed with its soft pillow for my head. It is calling me, but I can’t answer! I saw this comic, and it made me smile. I am drinking Hot chocolate right now, using a Marshmallow stirrer that was in my Christmas stocking. 🙂  I thought I would pass on some smiles. Who can’t smile at The Peanuts gang? At one time I had almost all of their comic books and I remember waiting each year for the Peanut specials that would come on TV. SMILE! It is Monday and you have Hot Chocolate and Peanuts, what more could you want 🙂

Hot chocolate: snoopy images with quotes | found some more Peanuts pics with quotes on the web, so I decided to ...: Yep and one week it's this song, next week it's that one : ): Imagen insertada:

And to end this post I can’t say it better than Snoopy

I love Snoopy:

Have a Marvelous Monday!

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