via Daily Prompt: Gone

I been trying to think of a post today. I perhaps got a little too spoiled by Colin having stories in my inbox waiting for me this week. This morning there was none, I was on my own! I had 2 phrases that were running through my mind this morning. I didn’t know why I had them but when I saw this word prompt I thought the phrases fit. I will let all of you be the judge as to how well they fit. 


She was reading the note on the table. Still trying to take it all in. Trying to focus, when all she wanted to do was collapse back in bed and pull the covers over her head. Praying  that this was a nightmare that she could wake up from.

Sorry that I did not say goodbye.  I was afraid if I had stayed that you would have seen the pain in my eyes. That you would have unveiled my shattered soul.”

OH why, why did her dear daughter have to go?  She was still so young. Had just turned 18. Should be ready to conquer the world, but instead was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

What was she to do? She wanted to run after her with every fiber of her being. She felt the adrenaline pumping through her. Thinking she could run however far she needed to go, to catch her. She, the one who never runs! But this was different. This was her child, she was the Mom,  and there was nothing she wouldn’t do.

This child of hers had been so hurt by the world. Hurt and scarred her daughter was.She would  often remind her daughter of the quote, “Broken crayons still color!’She would tell her how there was still so much inside her that she had to offer the world.The Mom remembered the night that they watched the snow fall and how the fresh fallen snow was glistening in the moonlight. How she hugged her daughter tight reminding her of how she could shine bright.

She grabbed her rain jacket and stepped out into the light of dawn beginning to break. The raindrops mingled with the tears that were streaming down her face. She stood there for a little looking down the road. Her daughter was gone, but she would be back. She needed time and she would give that  to her.

Like the dawn breaking, the light would come and shine full force in her daughter’s heart once again. Her daughter would heal and her heart would be strong. “Broken crayons still color”, sometimes they just need time.

Found on Pinterest on 5-4-16. Ernest Hemingway.:

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