Once Upon A Time… Part 3b

The end of the story is here!  If you missed Part 3a here is the link.  Once Upon A Time (part 3). Colin did a great job with giving us the background of how these Crazy Adventurers met. He wraps it up well in this last part. Don’t worry, this may be the last story in these 3 stories of how they met, but still more Adventures to be had by this circle of friends!

Once Upon a Time …Part 3b

One evening, while Jaxon and Dewey were sleeping, Odessa was off looking for food… and also for a place for them to live. She returned unusually early in the morning and woke up both Jaxon and Dewey. “Guess what guys? I have found our home, and it’s not too far away. If we start now, we will all be there this afternoon!” Jaxon sat up rubbing his eyes. Dewey just looked at Odessa “What is your problem?” He said. “I don’t have a problem…” said Odessa “…but I do have a home in mind for all three of us!” Jaxon was now awake and paying attention. “Well” said Odessa “It’s a barn on a farm which is no longer inhabited. The barn has lots of straw so you guys can make beds wherever you want, and it has really big beams in the roof for me to sleep on.  During that rain the other night, I checked it out and it was perfectly dry in there!

Dewey looked at Odessa “Is there a farm house there?” “Yes” said Odessa “A quite large one. Why do you ask?” “Well if you can find a way for me to get into the farm house, I would much prefer to live there. Houses usually have much more comfortable stuff around than straw!” Odessa looked at him for a moment, then turned and walked away!


They left a short time later and arrived at the barn in the late afternoon. They were still there as it was starting to get dark, just checking out things, when suddenly Odessa said “Ssssh! I hear noises outside!” They all listened very carefully for there were two men talking at the entrance to the farmhouse. Odessa and Dewey both looked at Jaxon “What are they saying?” said Odessa. “The man nearest the door has bought the farm and will be moving in soon.” Said Jaxon “Well guys, we need to have a serious talk!” Odessa moved closer “What’s up Jaxon? Is there a problem? They both sounded like nice men to me.”


Jaxon explained that for all of them to live in harmony with a human dictated that they all learn human talk. “We have to be able to communicate otherwise he will just treat us like animals.” Odessa looked puzzled “But I am not an animal!” Jaxon looked at her. “Well, in your case, he’ll treat you like a bird!” “But I am a bird” said Odessa “I don’t understand the problem.” Jaxon was getting exasperated. “Odessa” he said “Just close that beak of yours and listen for a moment.” “What does a moment sound like? How will I know when I hear it?” asked Odessa.


Dewey was now watching them both and thinking how entertaining it might be just hanging out with them. Jaxon continued “I used up some of my magical power so that you Odessa, me and Dewey, could understand each other. I only have a little bit of that particular magical power left, so I think that I should use it to make you both able to talk human”.


Odessa stared at Jaxon “You would do that for us?” “We are friends” said Jaxon “… and friends help each other whenever they can!” Dewey looked at them both. “Do you mean that I will be able to talk to that man who is going to be living here?” “That’s exactly what I mean” said Jaxon. “Oh cool” he said “I think that I would like a man-servant, so perhaps he’ll be suitable for the job!”


Odessa and Jaxon just rolled their eyes! “Hey” said Odessa suddenly to Dewey “Do you like adventures?” Dewey looked from Odessa to Jaxon, and back to Odessa. “I love adventures” he said “Why do you ask?” “Good!” said Odessa, totally ignoring the question “We are now ‘The Three Adventurers’… so let the adventures begin!”



10 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time… Part 3b

      • Thanks Mandi, but honestly when Colin writes stories about Dewey and his friends I am as surprised as the readers are to read what he writes! It is fun and unnerving to not know what a story is going to be about exactly. I get them usually the day before I post them and no earlier!

        Believe me IF I had input into this last batch of stories, Dewey wouldn’t have been eating food that Odessa mashed up for him in her mouth! Yes, I know Colin says that Dewey was a baby kitten and so that is why Odessa did that. Honestly my opinion is that he is using that as a good excuse! A good excise to be called a “very sorry looking sight” as well! You notice that Jaxon and Odessa weren’t referred to as being sorry looking sights, LOL!


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