Once Upon A Time (part 3)

Good Morning! Surprise Part 3 is here! You didn’t have to wait too long after all 🙂   If you missed Colin’s first 2 exciting stories about how Jaxon and Odessa began, you will have to check these links out. Once upon a Time….(Part 1) and Once Upon a Time…(Part 2) So now the 2 adventurers have found each other, but Someone Special is still missing! Yes, it is Dewey of course. Today you will read his story and well….sometimes I just can’t find the words to describe Colin’s stories. Enjoy and there may be a surprise ending!

Once Upon A Time

Jaxon and Odessa were inseparable as they traveled around. They had many adventures but, during quiet times, they would often discuss their lack of a home. Odessa would usually spend her days in a tree or an old derelict building, while Jaxon would be usually checking out the immediate area. At night she would be out hunting while Jaxon would burrow a temporary home, if he could not find a suitably secure and snugly place. They really valued their time together in the early morning, or late evening, when they were both awake!

One evening, Odessa was a lot later returning than usual, and arrived carrying a bundle of fur. “What have you got there Odessa?” he asked “Not sure” said Odessa “but it is a very sorry sight!” Jaxon looked at the creature which was now curled up into a ball. “I’ve never seen anything like this” he said “As soon as it moves, I will ask it what it is… but where did you find it?”

Odessa then related the story of how she was looking for a permanent home for them both, when she heard a very odd sound coming from a hollow log below her. She had never heard a log making such a noise so went down to investigate… and found this! Odessa looked very seriously at Jaxon “We have to take care of it!” she said, pointing at it with a wing. “Why is this important to you?” said Jaxon. “Because it reminds me of my family’s nest in the cliff fissure, and how they never had a chance when the cliff face collapsed. This thing is still alive and deserves to live, but we have to help it for a few days or so… if we can!”

Jaxon didn’t quite know what to do as it did not seem to like any vegetables, but Odessa was having much more success. She was chewing up her food to a mush, and then giving it to the thing which seemed to happily eat it! It was not long before it stood up and looked curiously at them both. “Who are you?” it said. Odessa looked at Jaxon for a response “It’s okay Odessa” he said. “It’s just asking us who we are. I’ll just do some magic so you can understand it also.”

Jaxon then looked at it very seriously “I am Jaxon, and that nice owl that brought you here and has been feeding you is Odessa. What is your name, and what are you?” It looked at Jaxon and said “My name is cat. At least that’s what humans call me.” “Oh well” said Jaxon “We have to give you a better name than that. Do you have any thoughts Odessa?” Odessa was looking very studious “Well” she said “I am familiar with cats a little, and have seen one or two on the ground when I have been flying around, but they were rather bigger than this!”

“I do know something about them. “ She continued “Most importantly, they also hunt for small rodents so I have to watch them carefully! Anyway, I understand that cats are Felidae species if friendly, but there are also wild ones which have real attitude problems!” “My word” said Jaxon, and turning to the cat “Are you friendly?” The cat just looked at him and yawned. “Well Odessa” said Jaxon “I don’t think its wild! Do you have some ideas about a name?” Odessa wandered around in circles, obviously deep in thought, and suddenly turned to face them both. I’ve got it she announced loudly!” Then all was silent!

‘Well what is it?” said Jaxon “Are you going to tell us?” “Oh I thought that you would never ask” said Odessa “Now listen carefully! Our cat here is probably from the species Felidae, sub-species Felis silvestris lybica and the genus Felis Catus. That should give you a clue!” Jaxon looked rather stunned. “Well no Odessa. I have no idea where you are going with this!”  Odessa was starting to get a little frustrated. “Have you learned nothing about life here?” she said, and then continued “Friendly cats are thought to have originated in a place called the Middle East. I don’t know what happened to the Left and Right Easts, but the Middle East is this guy’s origin, and out there they have names like Abdul, Bahir, Habib and such. Contemplating this very carefully, I think that we should name our little friend here Dewey!” “Dewey!” said Jaxon “What has that got to do with the cat’s history?” Odessa just looked at him “Absolutely nothing” she said “but I like the name and I think it suits him!” The cat just stretched his front legs “I like the name Dewey” he said before yawning and curling up once more!

… to be continued!

11 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time (part 3)

  1. Nice of Odessa to take care of the tiny Kitten Dewey. Of course, the female knows what to do while the male (jackalope) panics a bit. I’m glad she fed him as her own and looking forward to your continuation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Dewey – you’d never guess from his antics that he didn’t come first in putting the group together! I suppose that’s advantage to being the “baby” in the group 😉 I think these stories do a good job of shedding light on all the characters – can’t wait to see what’s next!

    (And just think of the biography waiting to happen once Dewey becomes the next Peter Rabbit 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! Yes, there are advantages to being the “baby”, but he is so grateful that he grew up enough to eat his OWN food, like Carp 🙂
      Oh My! Comparing Dewey to Peter Rabbit… now that is a compliment!! 🙂


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